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engaged in the software industry for so many years, a lot of software sales. In today’s society of software piracy jumbly, cracked version, emerge in an endless stream. Serious disruption of the normal software market and service atmosphere. This has led to customers in the selection of various errors. There are a number of layers of software sales channels to increase the amount of sales agents do not increase the amount of sales. Is to allow customers to buy on the software took several times and the cost of software development. In fact, this is also obvious to everyone. Know. And that is what measures? To make money have open channels, expand the business market. Or individual combat. It is difficult to get a cake in the rapid development of information era. Is it possible to break the conventional sales behavior?. The thinking mode of software direct selling network is worth studying and discussing.

The purpose of

software direct marketing network is designed to eliminate all intermediate links, so that software vendors and software users through the direct exchange of free online platform, direct negotiations, until the transaction is successful. For software makers, promote their software products through the online trading platform to maximize, directly grasp business opportunities, to deal directly with software users; for software users, this platform is the best software warehouse, warehouse type direct mode also allows the user to choose, direct negotiation, goods than three, eventually find cheap software products. This vertical search platform and e-commerce platform for the sake of one hundred percent customers will certainly play a milestone in today’s software trading industry.

software direct sales network platform architecture based on the common software sales model to integrate the release of software products, software product display, software product demonstrations and Saas software products, a multi-faceted. Three-dimensional platform. In particular, it is worth to recommend the software product demonstration. He can not only make software customers intuitively experience software products. But also through the online communication platform software platform. In order to achieve the software product of the AC side edge demonstration to operate the ills. So as to save costs for enterprises. Increase customer experience. Increase customer trust. Market development for software enterprises. Made a good bedding.

software platform for the establishment of direct sales network, considering the customer, looking to the future, he is a new mode of thinking, is bound to write a thick pen in the Chinese software market.

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