Taobao said in early May to combat fake more than 9 pieces

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May 25th afternoon news, Taobao today announced in early May to combat fake numbers, a total of 9 counterfeit clean up platform. 1 May – 15, and brand manufacturers collaborative crackdown 155 times, more than 4 thousand sellers punished for selling.

said the fake, in early May, BELLE group and collaborative most closely, through reporting, forensics, identification, collaborative platform on the total destroyed more than 6 pieces of fake BELLE. Followed by the French fashion giant Chanel, Taobao collaboration with the emergence of the network platform to destroy the fake more than 3 thousand. At the same time, the Danish famous clothing brand clothing Ling also teamed up with Taobao more than 2 thousand destroyed fake items. In addition to Sony Ericsson, apple, Joyoung and other brands have joined together with Taobao counterfeiting ranks. also actively cooperate with

and relevant departments, not only clean up online fakes, will also develop anti-counterfeiting campaign to the next line. Recently, Beijing, a sale of fake badminton sports goods store owner was investigated and dealt with by the local industry and commerce. Because Taobao store records all previous records, business personnel quickly to the shop selling behavior was confirmed at the same time, is also the first time the shop has been frozen. fake team responsible person, will concentrate on the recent crackdown and consumer health is closely related to the cosmetics goods and selling behavior, especially against the manufacturers no production models are fake sales behavior on the internet.

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