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group as a new e-commerce model, in 2010 caused a wave. Recently, as the country’s first launch by the operator of the group buying site – Tianyi group quietly on the line, the main content of the purchase of telecommunications products, currently only open to the Beijing area.

Tianyi group operated by China Telecom Beijing branch. In December 28th, Dumbo by China Telecom Tianyi Group official website was informed that, as of now, Tianyi group held a total of four times and two group purchase group purchase activities underway. The main content of the China Telecom to buy its products, all for Telecom Tianyi users.

Dumbo from Tianyi group to group purchase activities to understand, it is the main content of the group purchase telecommunications terminal with a certain amount of calls for bundling, and extra genuine software and other products. With the ongoing group purchase packs for example: high-end 3G smart mobile phone HUAWEI C8500+780 yuan bill + Telecom Tianyi Liang (20 yuan bill) + genuine Microsoft Office2010 professional edition, 9 business hall, 15 points from mentioning the agent.

it is worth mentioning that, in a recent period of December 25th the group purchase activities, there is a "college students for the final exams and year-end fighting white-collar tailored" snack packs, and non telecom terminal products.


learned through the investigation, the current Tianyi group for its lack of popularity, group purchase business and service is mixed. According to one of them participated in the 1 cents, 10 yuan Telecom Tianyi phone bill will be able to buy the user said, although the group is more complex Tianyi group buying process, but the final account of $10 phone calls, the service is still satisfied. At the same time, there are users who are not satisfied, said the event looks very attractive, but feel that the telecommunications services or to be improved".

in addition, Dumbo, Tianyi group to support Alipay and two kinds of online banking online payment, providing a telecommunication products every day. But through the observation, since the start of November 22, 2010 the first product group purchase by the end of December 25th, more than a month, launched a total of 6 product package, did not reach the "every day", obviously its operation has just started, business and services have to be perfect.

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