Electricity supplier in the cause of the failure of marketing

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this electricity supplier industry continues to grow, certainly not all the electricity supplier can be Everything is going smoothly., fight at outrance electricity supplier battlefield has become a common thing, so why some electricity providers can grow, and some are very thoroughly defeated? Here’s why I from the marketing aspects of failure.

1, do not understand customer needs, and blindly say their selling point

there is a saying in China called the people who have the world, and the sale is actually dealing with people, first understand the needs of customers in order to better grasp their own how to do. Many sellers only customers had to sell their products, all the advantages are that the electricity supplier marketing and in fact as if it were raining flowers, the reality of doing business is the same, should first ask what is the real needs of customers, according to customer needs the right products, which can reduce the customer’s time to make the sale. In fact, in marketing, the demand is a course to learn, but also is very important, only find out what they want, we can know what I should give him, or blindly sell will only scare customers.

2, no word of mouth can not survive

business is a virtual market, customers in the buying and selling of goods online, although a substantial, but it is also in poor quality under the premise, so they should be a description of the product and real as possible. A good reputation as a praise, will directly affect the future of the customer’s business, so the service attitude and the level of sales is very important, just think who would like to shop in the poor reputation of the shop. This is also the reason why many businesses are now far worse for the division.

3, passionate over suspected

a good thing once labeled "excessive" two words, will become a bad thing. Now the network will basically play the emotional card, everywhere "pro" to allow customers to become a habit, but many sellers only sell their products, and let the customers shengqingnanque, excessive enthusiasm not to help customers, but let customers feel the feeling of being set. Many sellers that customers in my shop is on my interest in things, as long as their sincere enough will be able to make a deal, but not necessarily, perhaps a business not made, the next customer will remember you, it will receive more than a single business. So whatever you do, you should be rational.

4, the efficiency is not high, wasting customer time

is a fast paced society, for some people, time is money. If your products are interested, you should hurry to do business, to ensure that every step well, especially in the logistics that one, do not wait until the customer up only to find no delivery, high efficiency of the customer can be truly satisfied.

5, over reliance on sales skills and platform dependent environment support, while ignoring the accumulation of

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