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when Ali does not emphasize GMV growth in earnings (2016Q4 Taobao growth of 18%), the old electricity supplier has indeed entered a slowdown in the cycle. At the same time, look at how many UNIQLO purchasing Taobao, it is not difficult to understand the three or four line of the city to the brand from the explosion of "consumption" supply and demand is exuberant, more than the lack of.


This year, 2 trillion

and maternal growth rate of 30% of the market, a second tier city accounted for only 30%, supermarket share fell, the low rate of the chain is also a common phenomenon, the following three lines of small and medium-sized city maternal stores occupy the market 70%. In addition, female consumers need staff advice in the purchase of baby products, the purchase behavior is often associated with children’s hair, bathing and other services so concurrent, line market accounted for 85%, it is difficult to penetrate the electricity supplier.

along this demand, Tmall founder Zhao Chen in April 2015 created the "B2B2C maternal electricity supplier model of sea shoot off, starting from the sea Amoy category, upstream docking brands / traders, the lower reaches of the second city suburbs, the three or four line of the city’s maternal and child supplies stores, the use of micro shop, scan code guide consumer orders, direct delivery from supplier. The sea off the only connection type platform, do purchasing, warehousing and logistics.

small scale stores are difficult to connect the brand / big trade, often only from the two installment of procurement, and in the sea Amoy category is a lack of purchase channels. Similar to most of the B2B business, making the sea the advantage of the whole category, can store together formed the scale of procurement needs, so as to shorten the circulation of the case to reduce procurement costs. At the same time, Zhao Chen believes that the relative dispersion of maternal and child brands and stores, product standardization and strong, suitable for B2B mode.



stores off the seaBut

brands by orders to move the platform early is bound to face a "chicken and egg" problem. Zhao Chen believes that the three line of the city’s cross-border electricity supplier bonus, which is a strong demand for sea Amoy maternal and child supplies to help him complete the cold start.

sea making but also for the stores to provide CRM management tools 300-500 customer base, or guide the open public number, micro business. Zhao Chen said that the monthly sales of 200 thousand stores by making the sea can enhance the sales of 50 thousand, and 40% of the gross profit space. The sea off the total nearly 2 10000 stores customer retention rate of 86%, nearly a thousand stores every month orders, GMV platform of nearly billion.

sea making profit model mainly is pumped into, gross profit in the range of 3%-22%.

as a channel to connect the sea off the hope of service in the future, logistics, financial docking line training, and even some provide loaning, distribution, customer service dealer specialization "moved online". In the long run, sea

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