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Five Star appliance store in Zhangjiagang, the first successful opening of the Phoenix Town, blue logo let the whole store a new look, opened a large number of local residents attracted concessions. Before May, five star will also be excellent business cooperation with the Shanghai Nanjing line of villages and towns to open 10 new stores in the township. 2015 plans to open 50 – 80 in Jiangsu. This will be a five star model named "Wan tong".

this is only the first step of the five-star electric distribution of township O2O market, "our goal is to build a city from the shop to the county level, township, village shop shop agent four vertical network, through physical stores and online shopping in two ways, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Anhui service to every place people", Pan Yiqing five President said.

use the Internet to build a platform for thinking, and township businesses partnership

the current rural market is a coveted market for all retailers. On the one hand to speed up the process of urbanization, the rural market purchasing potential is gradually released, compared to the increasingly saturated city market is currently rare incremental market; on the other hand, the electricity supplier rapid popularization, accelerate the management mode of rural market change.

China’s rural market has long been controlled by individual businesses, few Dalian lock can do this market. The reason is that the consumption of the township market is scattered, the total amount is not enough to support the chain store and put into the expensive cost of employment. But for individual businesses, the store is often a part of the home, the clerk can have a number of functions, and can also purchase, cashier, delivery, low cost. The merchant also has some unique advantages, they have the most need of the Internet era quality: near (to solve the last mile problem, even a few hundred meters), pro (business acquaintances, natural word-of-mouth marketing), trust (trust, do not solve the Internet consumer experience customer menace from the rear). But at present, there are many problems in township enterprises: limited funds, the operation of the brand and category can not meet the needs of the township market now; once stocking is not allowed to bring a lot of inventory and capital occupation.

five star "Tong Township franchise project is conceived in this context and students. "The Internet thinking is to build a platform, all of their respective strengths, complementary advantages, partnership," said Pan Yiqing, a five star stores, supply, delivery, installation is provided by the Five Star appliance, township businesses just need to provide premises and sales operations can be. So that the size of the chain to play the advantages, but also combines the flexibility of individual businesses, close geographical advantage. Five Star appliance also plans to star earth rural O2O project to introduce these stores, becoming the star of the last 0.5 km electricity supplier landing.

township businesses: Join revitalize nearly half of the funds to find the future direction of

reporter interviewed five star appliance store owner money owner. Money boss is not simple, is a well-known brand in Zhangjiagang Township channel agents, there are two electrical operators, with annual sales of more than 20 million yuan. Money boss admits the join Star >

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