Jumei com listed on the first day closing price rose nearly 10%

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technology news May 17th morning news, jumei.com on Friday officially listed on the NYSE, stock code "JMEI", the opening quote of $27.25, $22 higher than the issue price rose 23.86% as of the close, jumei.com closed at $24.18, up 9.91% over the issue price. Market capitalization of about $3 billion 433 million.

The establishment of

SEC file listing only 4 years of jumei.com in April 12th, financing $400 million. The prospectus shows that the United States plans to sell 9 million 500 thousand shares of American Depositary Receipts (ADS), each adsrepresents 1 shares of class a common stock, Underwriters may exercise within 30 days of "green shoe power (over allotment option), to sell 1 million 425 thousand shares depositary receipts, issued a range of $19.5-21.5.

Friday night the United States to determine the issue price of $22, over the issue price range of the upper limit, IPO raised funds of about $430 million.

prospectus, as listed in the United States, management and executive team, chairman and CEO Chen ou 40.7% stake, co-founder of Dai amamori holding 6.3%, 10.3% stake in the executive director Chen Keyi, and the board of directors team was 57.5% stake.

calculated according to the closing price, Chen Europe after the listing price reached $1 billion 397 million.

poly America prospectus shows that it has continued to achieve profitability in the 7 quarter. Prospectus supplement documents are published in the first quarter of 2014, its net revenues of $154 million 900 thousand, including proprietary business $129 million 900 thousand, $third platform business $25 million, an increase of 220%. Profits, the first quarter of 2014 gross profit of $68 million 300 thousand, net profit of $16 million 600 thousand, excluding equity incentive costs grew by 122%.

jumei.com’s IPO underwriters including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Securities, JP Morgan securities, Piper Jaffray and Oppenheimer, Huaxing capital & Co. (Warriors)

Company Profile:


Chen Ou Dai Yusen, from overseas students shopping cosmetics was founded in March 2010, is committed to creating a simple, fun and trustworthy experience, the company pioneered the concept of group purchase cosmetics ": recommended daily cosmetics of hundreds of popular sites, and far below the market price discount sale.

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