Jingdong home on the 626 day of the purchase of the house all the holiday orders broken by 50 thousa

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Tong Dawei Jingdong home users personally delivered

Jingdong home in the 626 house purchase section, the average daily break 50 thousand single, Beijing, Guangzhou and the new high, Jingdong to operate stable. Jingdong is home to Jingdong in 2015 to focus on creating a O2O service platform, which relies on a strong technical support Jingdong and 3 km within the speed of delivery of the service delivery rate of 2 hours, to bring consumers a new shopping experience.

June 26th Jingdong founded the first "home house purchase Festival", together with the famous actor Tong Dawei launched a Jingdong home since its inception, the largest scale, the largest promotional activities, Beijing, Shanghai, and consumers on the day of the opening of the three Guangzhou City, super city, provide preferential service, the 38.2% off.

626 activities on the same day, the line with the activities and online promotions are extremely hot, morning, cat dad Tong Dawei for Jingdong home users personally delivered, but also to get the name of the Jingdong more deeply rooted. Multi level marketing star rally, driven by rapid sales. Jingdong home at 9:18 on the morning, the effective orders have been single, less than 11 in the morning has been more than 20 thousand, before the end of the evening has been far more than the activities of the single 50 thousand.

day haze in Beijing, Shanghai thunderstorms, the distribution of the day’s sales pressure. Logistics mode innovation has been the Jingdong and Jingdong in the electric business logistics home respected Jingdong launched Crowdsourcing "this has withstood the test of the peak, which is composed of the community Jingdong Crowdsourcing delivery personnel distribution single volume close to 1/3, high rate of new pattern has emerged.

first Jingdong distribution has the highest efficiency of small parcels distribution, there is a mature team and rich experience in the logistics of O2O for Jingdong to build a solid foundation. On this basis, innovative Jingdong Crowdsourcing logistics mode, make full use of social capacity, social capacity through training, become a qualified Jingdong Crowdsourcing part-time delivery staff, to expand the service area quickly, improve the service ability, and the Jingdong original distribution system seamlessly, distribution capacity increase several times.

626 is home to Jingdong on-line for 100 days, the daily average of over 50 thousand single, the momentum of rapid development has become a giant O2O platform. Up to now, Jingdong home Beijing, Shanghai settled nearly 100 businesses, nearly 3000 stores. Beijing several major supermarkets such as C.P. lotus, Lotte, chaoshifa, rainbow, Hua Guan, happiness supermarkets have been settled, the characteristics of business also includes Huang Taiji, daoxiangcun, weiduomei; characteristics of Shanghai covering the city’s main businesses including the scope of all things chain markets, Li Penglai Jiadeli, fresh leopard, laiyifen, friend milk shed, 85 degree, C and other businesses.

Guangzhou 626 on-line Jingdong home that day, which is the local characteristics of Hong Kong and vegetable category. Jin Yan garden provider 15fen shop manager Mr Leung said: the effect is satisfactory, single volume more than doubled than usual, sales greatly exceeded expectations. Corn stock 230 basic sell light, odd >

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