The new look five years people Wangzhuan disclose to you the latest scam

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from the beginning of the 07 year network industry has basically met a liar, see friends cheated experience! Today to write this article, but also to remind new friends, to avoid being cheated; at the same time, I hope you do not think that the Internet industry new friends do, in fact this line really can make money rarely, can really make less! Well, not much to say, get to the point.

as everyone knows! Now open a forum or website, you will see a screen full of money on advertising to teach you? Really living Buddha or other such infinite compassion and mercy? And? Teach others to make money in itself is a paradox, teach others make money online 99% projects are for training fees, the remaining 0.9% is the MLM and.

I think Wangzhuan money online, figure is making money. But the network is also the same as the reality, it was the use of money to make money to cheat money. As a result, many people on the Internet not only did not make money, but cheated a lot of hard money. This is the last thing you want to do. So, I will give you a summary of the current mainstream deceptive Wangzhuan today. These I sorted out several kinds of Wangzhuan are determined not to do.

1, online always color, always color agent firmly do not touch. This is online money liar cancer first, taking a part-time job name of the real line gambling. A lot of people were trapped. But also bought the so-called counting software, I thought it would make hundreds of thousands of money, the results did not lose 5 thousand a day. For more than a week before the general money, will let you earn every day. But a liar is using the psychology of the people to defraud, first let you taste the sweetness, and then let you lost it all.

2, automatic recharge software firmly proxy. Naked pyramid, middle value deficit. How Taobao also allow its sale? Implicit Jun really can not think of! The value of the so-called recharge can be ignored, purely pull the head of the event!

3, the so-called online part-time typist, this is also a cancer in cancer. In some make friends it seems that this trick is very retarded. However, according to incomplete statistics, there is a report on the province of Guangdong, there are thousands of pieces, Bo silly theory of the success of masterpiece!

4, SP video tutorial: Alliance temptation SMS, the outlook is very good, this is the temptation to SMS, no leak, no sex, no legal constraint. A few years ago, there are a lot of people make big money. Now is basically not earn a few money, but there are still people who take these tutorials everywhere lie!

5, advertising alliance mutual brush: give you a dumpster, and then give you a point of software, said a month to earn how much of the kind, to teach you how much deposit.

6, the first to give you a big pie: the first to teach the use of software to build his own advertising alliance, and then there are more than N of the money in the account. And then tell you how much to pay fees to get the money, you can not stand the temptation

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