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from the vending machine manufacturers to enter into cooperation with intime, the pace of Alipay’s App Alipay wallet into the line more and more quickly. In 2009, Alipay launched the first mobile version. Four years later, the original payment of mobile payment and payment of water and electricity as the main function of the payment application, has gradually evolved into a set of payment, card vouchers, financial and public accounts, such as an integrated application.

In the 6 version of the

evolution process of four years, we can see Alipay mobile payment in the dark and tangled process, for example, to try to pay the line of NFC judgment and trade-offs. Alipay wallet Product Manager Li Wei and Hong Lei today on Alipay wallet product ideas and future planning and media communication. Between Alipay and WeChat to pay the smell of gunpowder and more concentrated in the moment, to provide a reference for the Alipay mobile payment experience and views may help the practitioners of this field.

by the way, Alipay wallet from the small and micro financial services group (chips) domestic business group president Fan Zhiming personally responsible for. Alipay wallet a total of more than 20 product manager, divided into different ranks. Li Wei and Hong Lei is the most senior product manager.

1, Alipay wallet on the history of the 6 versions of the UI function and have done a lot of adjustment, which is the core function of official


Li Wei: I began to do business in Alipay wireless in 2009. Alipay wallet has 6 versions, next month is the seventh version. Now we think Alipay wallet has 7 products: payment of the balance of treasure, the public account transfer card (coupon, coupons, membership cards), to pay and pay off.

payment is a basic function of Alipay, has always been. After the introduction of the balance of treasure has been a great success. Card coupons, then we will refer to the future of Passbook ideas, do some localization adjustment. To pay this function on behalf of Alipay products in the future, is the key to the future Alipay into the next line. The offline payment is because we want to use it to challenge NFC.

public account, then we have a lot of difference with the WeChat public account. Alipay wallet to do is the authority of the public accounts, is mainly the general public will usually come into contact with corporate accounts, such as China Unicom (15.41, -0.12, -0.77%), Sinopec (87.19, 1.17, 1.36%). A major feature of the public accounts of WeChat is that anyone can be incorporated, is a long tail features more obvious features.

2, when did you realize that you have to do offline payment to challenge NFC? NFC in the country when it will roll out?

Hong Lei: it can be said that if the future of NFC to the outbreak of the time, Alipay is certainly the first appearance. Because whether it is Bluetooth, fingerprint or acoustic pressure sensing technology, Alipay has made technology >

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