Suning Appliance to be renamed Su ningyun companies are facing a comprehensive reform

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information times (reporter Lin Zhiyin) to buy electrical appliances, suning." This is Suning Appliance has left people for having heard it many times advertisement. And now, Suning Appliance is trying to skim this "electrical" label. Yesterday, Suning Appliance announced that the company intends to rename the Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd. This changed the news really make the market a bit unexpected, but behind its name, but also herald a new change is beginning.

intends to change its name to "the Soviet Union merchant"

said Suning Appliance in the announcement, with the change of business forms, to adapt to the company name need and the future of enterprise business scope and business model, approved by the board, the company intends to change the name of the original "Chinese Suning Limited by Share Ltd" to "Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd, English company name change the original" SUNING APPLIANCE CO.LTD. "to" SUNING COMMERCE GROUP CO.LTD". For some people this "paradise" and "cloud" name, Suning Appliance gives the interpretation, namely "stores + + retail service provider" combination of retail mode.

recently, Suning Appliance chairman Zhang Jindong speech at the meeting of the deployment of the spring and autumn work of the deployment of the Soviet Union, Suning is about to adjust, the transformation of the news has begun to spread in the industry. However, let the outside world is even more unexpected, Suning Appliance transformation in the future is to give up for many years as the price of electrical appliances.

in fact, in the past few years, Suning Appliance to the strategy has gradually emerged. As of August 8, 2009, Suning B2C online mall "" officially launched operations, so far, has opened up the new field of library, maternal and child clothing; and if in September 25, 2012, Suning $66 million acquisition "red children". However, Suning has never been like today, will go to the electrical so so simply so fast.

senior industry observer Liang Zhenpeng yesterday in micro-blog also remarked that Suning Appliance was renamed "Su ningyun", more bluntly said that Suning will be devoted to the development of electronic commerce, hard.

Suning chairman Zhang Jindong in a recent internal speech also put forward their own business view, which was also mentioned not named Ma and Wang Jianlin gamble, believe that Ma is a play on the Internet, Wang Jianlin is playing the real estate, is a retail spectator. He also said that the future of the retail business, not only online, not just online, is a perfect blend of online and offline; there is no line there is no line, the next line in order to have a better online.

interesting is that the recent action of the e-commerce industry heavyweights also frequently, such as the emergence of a major adjustment after the Alibaba, Jingdong has also recently announced the acquisition of 700 million yuan of ordinary shares of equity financing.

companies are facing a comprehensive reform

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