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on the anniversary of the battle of Jingdong has finally come to an end, music. The author in the last blog mentioned that Tmall Suning and Jingdong ended in failure, but for Jingdong, did not hurt the enemy one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred


electricity supplier industry itself is not high profit margins, floating in the margins, and now add scars. Such a price war continues, will eventually lead to a vicious competition situation, everyone’s profits have been diluted to low. On the 6.18 anniversary of Jingdong and the electricity supplier price war, we may have overlooked the point: that is the same as the electricity supplier companies where the customer does not join the price war. So, why don’t we join the price war


personal independence of conduct

review of the previous electricity supplier price war case, we rarely have joined the war case. Most people may think that this is where the corporate culture would not conflict with the people; but the deeper reason is that we have a unique pattern, it has obvious difference with Jingdong, such as Tmall platform based electricity supplier.

Where is the unique feature of

, it has its own brand and products, and firmly hold the pricing right, decide how much profit. When several major electricity supplier fight fight at outrance less margin, or even into a loss, where customers can freely according to their own situation and the market situation to pricing. No wonder where the old said in an interview, where the gross margin in 2012 is expected to reach more than 40%, this data is compared to other electricity providers.


Chinese in the current Internet environment, copied and copied, copied and copied has become the norm, not what a company does not copy others, there is no a company not carefully to prevent plagiarism by others. And where exactly is a special case, it not only created their own model, and it is difficult to be copied.

where the customer opened up its own brand business model, has its own production, sales, logistics, customer service, pricing and a set of processes, which belongs to the unique business model of the pioneer and leader. We did not copy other business on the road, you are also very difficult to copy every guest, unless you have a complete set of production process of powerful resources to copy every guest offline. In another sense, where the customer is not even an Internet business, it is only the clothing clothing enterprises, put for sale on the Internet.


every guest mode in the field of electricity providers and no factual competitors in traditional clothing enterprises and other enterprises in the back of the unforgettable. Some of the traditional clothing enterprises into e-commerce, was almost defeated, such as Metersbonwe. So as more clothing brands are not open Internet channels, to build their own electronic business platform, and we succeeded in is also the beginning of its birth has a strong Internet and electricity supplier gene.

however, is where the problem of how to maintain its own unique pattern at the same time, the traditional clothing enterprises in the booth >

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