The central bank said it did not intend to intervene in the third party payment super online banking

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market had many "third party central bank will eliminate super online banking payment companies" said, somewhat alarmist. Yesterday, the central bank payment and settlement Secretary Ouyang Weimin said that the central bank to create a so-called "super online banking" is the concept of misreading, the central bank will launch the second generation payment system have a great impact on the third party payment will not be.

according to the reporter, known as super online banking is being built in the two generation of central bank payment system. Its function is to achieve the interoperability of the online banking, the system can not only provide 24 hours of real-time interbank fund transfer, interbank account and check accounts for individuals and units, but also to achieve cross payment, third party payment the payment system can not be realized by other functions. Therefore, the market will be known as the "super online banking", and thus lead to the "super online banking" will destroy Alipay and three party payment companies worry.

in this regard, Ouyang Weimin pointed out that the central bank is always doing interbank business, including interbank payment and settlement of interbank business, new business – online banking is in fact a cross bank settlement, not involving the "super online banking" said, the central bank will not impose the standard unified bank online banking, to achieve interoperability.

for the third party payment business, Ouyang Weimin said that the central bank did not have this interest, nor the ability to do this piece. "At present, the third party payment in total last year is 500 billion yuan, 1200 trillion yuan compared to the total settlement of the banking system, or too small, the central bank will not do this business, and the third party payment companies will not enter into the two generation payment system." He said. The two sets of central bank payment system on the line, the market will not have much impact on the organization of the third party payment." Ouyang Weimin stressed. YeePay Yu Chen, vice president, said this incident, the central bank will launch the two generation payment system is essentially all banks are connected together, do a little access to the whole network of China unicom. On the third party payment platform, you can have more focus on financial value-added services, as well as the depth of the industry’s payment solutions customized.

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