Please give the Chinese electricity supplier a little more time

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this article should be "international financial news" invited to write its electricity supplier comments, published in 12.28.

2011, Chinese business enterprise, "like a thrilling roller coaster ride", but the smooth development of signs of danger appearing everywhere.

from the beginning of the investment and financing environment to the capital market unusually hot, cold years; from the electricity supplier industry unlimited scenery, to be into a bubble in the teeth of the storm; from the upstart light company, to be questioned "the mode of war; growth from the electricity supplier barbaric, to gradually return to the rational. In 2011, China electricity in or envy or challenge the boos, instinctively insisted through metamorphosis.

, however, we have reason to believe that the temporary question is not enough to kill a trillion market capacity and the existence of the value and significance of the industry".

2011, the scale of China’s electricity supplier transactions from 498 billion in 2010 to rapid growth or over $750 billion, an increase of over 50%, for all to see.

Chinese online shopping number, from 130 million in 2009, soared to 185 million in 2010, and in 2011 or over 200 million, consumption ability and potential, there is no doubt.

2011, a large number of fish disorderly competition in the electricity supplier website collective destruction, "sea e home" as the representative of the core competence, system integration of apparel industry supply chain advantage and business double experience, advocacy integrity management, quality first, differentiated marketing upstart electricity supplier breakthrough, to "iron shirt expert", the vertical force in the clothing field of B2C, and establish a new benchmark for apparel online shopping industry.

2011, "electricity business China half water, half of the flame, because the tide has not yet receded, do not know who is swimming naked, but the good news is that the new forces Chinese clothing electricity supplier to the" sea e "as the representative of the opening break tour in winter.



2012, please give China business a little more time, after all, system integration product supply chain, IT system, logistics, marketing and many other aspects of customer service, need time; please give China business a little more time, we can see, will no longer be a bubble, but is questioned, robust electricity supplier business model in China the victory.

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