Taobao online information platform Amoy home to explore the electricity supplier service gap

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no money, no connections, connections to experience no experience, do you dare to stand on the Internet to talk about entrepreneurship? shop seems simple, but if you want to succeed, must experience grinding multilayer process, in order to truly realize the entrepreneurial dream become the Phoenix pheasant.

years after the experience of Taobao customers to explore the gap in the electricity supplier Amoy home on line shop business in the teeth of the storm has passed, but still can not stop the entrepreneurs to set up shop in enthusiasm, why? Because the business is too attractive, but also because of the prospect of electricity supplier in this industry is too good. But this time is different from the past, in the sky under the competition, you want to open a good shop in Taobao must learn a variety of shop skills, store promotion operation knowledge, electricity supplier service platform Amoy home should be born. Under the A5 webmaster network Amoy house (, in the webmaster group throughout various websites, forums, grassroots entrepreneurs exchange, spawned the A5 electricity supplier for Taobao customer service and business exchanges and cooperation, promotion and operation of A5 electricity supplier inquiry from Taobao Taobao shop off the refinement field. In the "Taobao" field is obtained just below the Ali Mama reputation service platform.

also has many years of experience with Taobao flagship deal, A5 electricity supplier found. Shop a series of shop operators, shop promotion, decoration and so on to open shop entrepreneurs, not a system management concept, many entrepreneurs only with zeal, so Taobao stumbled into the ranks of entrepreneurs, since entering the door like sea……

we look at the real scene of Taobao shop Entrepreneurship:

How many

hold 90 entrepreneurial dream leap Taobao store industry, confusion, hesitation, one or two orders jumped out at the store but not knowing why it is so depressed, many people angrily scold scold Ma is re back to work duty day, how many people have experienced all kinds of difficulties Taobao, dig out the shop operation rule, finally find their own colors in a riot of colour, trembling to grow.

this is the real scene of individual entrepreneurs open shop.

traditional well-known brands fought electricity supplier, the difficulties faced by the unknown is: the official online, users of the intermediate operation stage "less than eager to store prices, and later the store and shop…… The market is always the most elusive part of the face of the time there is a demand for change in the user, the traditional brand and catch the shop this is the only fast and not broken channels, is really a variable Tim horsepower.

this is the transformation of traditional enterprises must face the problem of electricity providers.

look under the business environment: business is too tempting but can’t be your reckless flying wings

first listen to a joke: a weasel in the chicken in the cliff is a sign up "if it has not experienced a leap regardless of personal danger and how do you know yourself, not an eagle.

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