Xu Yirong said the title of beautiful running man not because Luhan and baby

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"from my own perspective, I think the fashion and entertainment, in fact is not the separation of the." Beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong said. In today’s online super super column column, Xu Yirong tells himself and run the fate of men.

beauty spokesperson Luhan joined the running man third season, seven people become a member of the team. In the view of Xu Yirong, as a big reason Luhan spokesperson is group of young and beautiful he represented that the close link between the.

"his fans are highly consistent with our target customers, all of whom are young girls between the ages of twenty and thirty." Xu Yirong said that the main body is also beautiful said the consumer group. For their spokesmen Luhan, Xu Yirong evaluation is: "handsome than me."

said at the end of last year launched its beautiful global fashion shopping platform, said HIGO, Angelababy endorsement and became chief fashion officer. Mention Angelababy, we can not help but think of the legendary Xu Yirong had to send his mysterious perfume thing.

asked about the perfume, Xu Yirong admitted that he had given the perfume, but he felt that the matter was misunderstood enlarged. "Angelababy is going to get married, she was still beautiful said HIGO spokesman, is actually a gift of perfume behind the activities of love: that perfume is baby’s love, we said through the beautiful HIGO platform to 0 profit share, and in the name of baby will be donated to the charity sales," said Xu Yirong, "that is not an ambiguous move, but the baby favorite perfume to share with users and people who need help."

Xu Yirong does not deny that the goddess is Angelababy, because she felt very smart".

two with a beautiful about the star, is about the running man so beautiful that title running man third season is not unusual, but for Xu Yirong the title run male was an accident. "One day a group of people at the meeting, suddenly heard before the running man named business location of the air down, then we hit it off, the decision must be running man third season title." This is the gap, let beauty eventually become a running man the third season of the exclusive title sponsor.

It seems a lot of people in

, said the beautiful name costs 338 million expensive, but in the view of Xu Yirong "this is a very good deal".

on the one hand, Xu Yirong has been looking for a combination of fashion and entertainment point of time. For the fashion industry, the fourth quarter is the force of the period, but also the shopping season, Xu Yirong hopes to be able to gain a higher degree of beauty at this time of exposure. The title of "running man, we can also let users see beauty in variety, it is also very interesting." Xu Yirong said.

on the other hand, the final choice to run the men, in addition to the timing, but also because Xu Yirong feel run with the beautiful temperament of the male said more consistent.

"do you think it is a team game, the team.

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