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create explosion models: not a single brush, heavy products, blue ocean Amoy answer! 2015 Taobao high-level changes, various reforms, Taobao has increased the personalized search in the search rules and traffic rules, which is thousands of thousands of people face this aspect influence you are on the B shop and C shop, also make the brush the more accurate flow of single brush.

The most recent

group chat the most asked the most complaints is "there is no need to brush alone can create operation method of explosion? There is no safe brush? No traffic ah small sellers can not live,"

we have been scouring the ocean itself to practical operation of the main method, certainly, that today, would like to share a small C shop explosion model. Creative gift category, the whole store is only a baby, a single brush, the history of the lowest conversion, the most pull through the train to create a natural search explosion.


so junk shop, such a high customer orders, so low conversion rate can be shot out, Taobao really so difficult? We should regain confidence in Taobao.

 Everyone in the

before the operation the first step is to select good models, no good product is all in vain!! of course, a small seller similar our shop, products can not only choose a business that is also very good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh, so a good selection of styles, is the primary condition for the explosion! How to choose the money here I will not dwell on it through the data, we can see in front of me to write about how to choose the section of the article.

The second step: make a

8 +7 days sales increase + train promotion plan; as a golden age of product promotion is 15 days, and at this time is also considered whether the baby is an important dimension of quality baby, we have 8 days and 7 days divided into two weeks the operation plan, which on the 3 days before the next frame time by up to second weeks obviously, and the ratio of the first week amount to a significant rise, Taobao will think your baby is potential baby.


of course at this time of the first 8 days of the plan, we use the tips a multiplier – sold out rate, this is suitable for 8 days to grab rankings people most love "brush" or "send", when the baby especially single product or new product, Taobao search criteria is more obvious.

here, we will certainly say, then you pull the train to pull the search, it must be very expensive, ah, ah, we can not afford to burn a small seller ah! OK, I put the train also cut a figure for everyone to look at.


here we will say that, we don’t profit burning car is not to earn money, so I want to say is more important than hard work, Taobao is in the lead everybody to do high-end products have a profit, you have to sell low-end low margin goods that can guaishui? Of course, next? The surface will have a low off single, low margin approach.


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