Jingdong executives Wu Sheng outbreak of rabbit eat the grass edge Thundercracker

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Jingdong mall was the courier industry collective boycott, the Jingdong mall promotional singles day gave a blow and a shout, but a few days later, the internal news from Jingdong mall will undoubtedly give the entire electricity supplier industry this lake put a heavy bomb, the spread of not less than once Taobao corruption. Because the Jingdong exposed Wu Sheng was not "silent", but carrying the atomic bomb, the Jingdong’s singles promotion to give a fatal blow.


event is vice president of Jingdong, even outside their own company, then these companies have become the Jingdong’s suppliers, to earn huge amounts of money, which is a rabbit eat the grass edge behavior, even if there is a gold Jingdong, couldn’t help this rabbit to eat, to see this message, for the Jingdong is clearly unthinkable hit, at least two aspects will immediately appear.

is the first of many Jingdong fans will be on the management mechanism of Jingdong mall have been questioned, such a huge ogre who actually can do by the vice president of the company level, the company’s management mechanism is obviously a huge problem, so the Jingdong will not be sustainable business clearly worth consumer convincing, so bring the chain reaction nature is the consumers questioned the development of Jingdong, which is far away from the Jingdong.

second is the Jingdong’s marketing behavior in recent years is the original Wu himself, both good and bad leaders say, this marketing in addition to loss of a large number of operating costs, there is no way to guarantee the effectiveness of marketing, many industry insiders even believe that this year the Jingdong launched 618 promotion war and 815 price war, the Jingdong failed, the original thought has the ability to subvert our business model of the Jingdong to go into the mall for their own profitability, struggling state.

industry has been questioned on the Jingdong store but also on the reuse of Wu, this rabbit eat the grass edge executives were out. In fact, this rabbit eat the grass edge acts not only in the electricity industry, basically become China’s current economic system under normal, many executives use their powers to obtain external supplier qualification. For example, some of the production of the company’s procurement of raw materials, these executives tend to become the production of these raw materials boss, a person to earn two dollars.

in this case, many people think that this person has certain business acumen, is a commercial genius, some people think that this is a violation of the bottom line in life, is completely by the cannibal behavior, in order to achieve their own interests and use unscrupulous divisive tactics. But the idea of people in the business world, it seems not mainstream. Today’s business behavior more to greed, Kit Kat, as the basic operation principle of bent solely on profit.

is also due to the formation of the current electricity supplier as well as the mainstream of the entire business circle, it led to China’s annual call for innovation, but in terms of innovation, the development of foreign countries, such as more and more far away. Business if

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