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with glutinous rice, sold out successively married, tick group is closed, the market has officially declared by the heyday of the group purchase industry has gradually entered a mature and stable crazy. The peak period when the group purchase has driven the rapid development of local life service consumer market, provides the development of soil for the popularization of electronic coupons, electronic coupons mode for a time Ding Ding, Boudin as the representative of the prevailing local life service consumption model has entered a new stage.


bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach. Buy and electronic coupons market has become saturated, in order to penetrate the market from these two points have basically no chance to speak. And continuous innovation in order to promote the development of the industry, there are always some people who did not give up trying to please consumers through innovative modes, there are companies intend to group purchase and electronic coupons for the implementation of the "exploration shop group niche model to cut into the mass market.

initially a friend asked me how to look at the exploration shop group, I was completely confused, what is the exploration shop group never heard of?. In order to keep the industry sensitivity, I deliberately checked this mode, online information is not much, from the collapse of the star a few links to the original so-called exploration shop group is in search of its mobile client application relies on search Wyatt in a O2O project to build.

exploration shop group is not intentional in the search, but the search Wyatt products formed in the accident. This is a search Wyatt information aggregation APP, there are all kinds of information, due to the polymerization of a lot of restaurants delicacy information, makes some chowhound became active users, and the gradual emergence of the voice of the group to eat. See opportunities in search, think this is the breakthrough O2O hot market godsend, so use a lot of energy to try to build a store group exploration project.


project in soso Wyatt in a second tier city signing a large number of popular merchants, subscribe to publicize the rope through cooperation, and businesses in the search Wyatt in addition to the product can be obtained through the sun, but also to attract consumer offers in the form of electronic membership card. The user can through the subscription, group, drying a single process to complete the process of exploring the three stores consumption.

is called the "shop group" model is generally so. The performance side, exploration shop group just for chowhound niche offers consumer, in addition to real chowhound, no one is willing to call on a group of strangers sharing a meal, so no large-scale application of this model may, however, is beyond all expectations there are many businesses are welcome in this form.

for businesses, although the sales of this model to bring less than conventional buy, but also has its own unique advantages. First, the higher gross margin, electronic membership card form in general discount 7~9 fold, and group purchase discount service between 5~7 fold; second, get the dishes evaluation, exploration shop group is composed of the consumer chowhound, willing to share the delicacy, businesses can obtain these important electronic data to be used in other network promotion activities in. Third, higher retention rates, as if to chowhound consumers, dishes can often bring two consumer satisfaction, while most of the regular group purchase consumers are cheap and bring to.

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