818 Suning hundred days campaign against Tmall Jingdong name value rose

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renamed China (eName.cn) August 14th news, today, Tmall double 11 double 12, Jingdong 618 Online Shopping Festival emerge in an endless stream increasingly fierce war between the electricity supplier. Earlier this month, Suning announced that it will start from August to November of the hundred days campaign, including Suning 818 anniversary, is regarded as the industry is the first electricity supplier brand to consolidate and strengthen the status of the industry, while the United States, one shop, Taobao was ready for the domain name.


: suning.com 8·

18 anniversary;

it is understood that the current electricity supplier layout has been formed, suning.com suning.com, Tmall Tmall.com and Jingdong jd.com a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. According to Suning related sources, the 818 Suning name of the war, to the festival with the label. For 8.18 preheat Suning, also issued a total of 1 billion 800 million red envelopes, launched the paper products to buy a $1 to pay, and other activities. Query Alexa data show that the domain name suning.com average daily IP (March average) of 6441000, the average daily PV (average in March) of up to 32205000.

in addition to the traditional home appliance category 3C, maternal and child, sports, daily necessities will become the focus of Suning expand category. Compared with the 8.18 of last year’s hot degree, this year the Jingdong has not yet announced that 8· 18 will how to promotion, other electricity providers also somewhat low-key. But in Suning announced the signing of 6 billion 8· for single color TV; 18 big promotion when the United States announced gome.com.cn, signed 8 million 180 thousand large launch TV festival.

in terms of price, service, domain name frequently competition in the field of electricity providers, also turned to the sea Amoy cake. Tmall international Jingdong have launched tmall.hk, overseas purchase, suning.com global shopping, the future, all kinds of electronic business anniversary, holiday promotions, online shopping festival will be frequent, but the electricity supplier who will aggravate the siege, the contest between the domain name will be increasingly fierce.

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