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pat Network is compared with Taobao, users and sales than it really is much smaller, but in the pat Network, still can create a high flow and high sales "goldsmith". In 09 years in order to nano goods data test can be used normally, try to upload dozens of goods to pat shop, I is a perennial stealth, but surprisingly, this stealth and 0 Credit, no decoration case, one or two days still have to consult customers. How, Taobao such a situation you may think the next life will have


I think, if the novice shop, the preferred platform should be pat Network, rather than Baidu, Taobao or eBay, why?

1, pat shop has two domain advantage, Baidu has ah is currently not open two level domain name, by some of the more than that in the SEO Baidu search engine ranking has more advantages. As for Taobao shop in Google’s performance is not bad, but after all, Baidu is currently the most popular search engine, Taobao shield Baidu, which is the biggest source of search engine traffic lost. But here to remind pat shop business, please write your name in order to get the baby tail words flow more, the description of the goods information in addition to display additional information to use text instead of images, maybe text search engine can identify images, but at least now, not yet. Write more soft promotion and constantly increase the quality of the chain, so that the search engine has become a very important source of traffic.

2, QQ group promotion, often see a lot of people in the QQ group hair shop…… + shop address, this way to promote efficiency is very low, ask yourself, you see this advertisement, will not go to the point? Nm refers to the QQ group promotion, is ready for a number of QQ, then the patient in accordance with the keyword (see your store products) search targeted QQ group. Prepare a sanwubo QQ group, and a group of mail promotion, 500*100=5 million people, in such a way that reading rate is still relatively high. But when you write the email content remember, not all commodities figure, is best to show your characteristics, service, reputation and trust of the buyers can move things for the baby show, to attract them to you inside the store to see.

3, QQ friends evaluation, although I feel a little bit of nano…… But it is a good way to promote. Give each of your friends in the evaluation of the store with the address, and then each of his friends in the time to see his QQ information will see, multiplier effect ah!

4, QQ space. Well run a shop QQ space bar, not only have a new recommendation, but also related information, of course, some of the individual must be able to make others feel more real and more trust. Hang up the shop. And then go around to leave a message, and even can not leave a message, as long as the other new visitors there is a link to your space. For a long time, your space, but also Baidu, Google and other search engines to some traffic. < >

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