Lasafo drag vip com is reforming blood transfusion has become a red child

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news September 22nd, acquired 75% stake in Lasafo, is another big shake, but executives once again changes, Lasafo in website system, delivery system, operational planning, logistics and other aspects of the further implementation of the only product of".


faces four major adjustments

days ago, more than cosmetic, beauty category merchant said, Lasafo recently experienced a huge adjustment, to accelerate the integration with Billion state power network to comprehensive understanding, Lasafo this round of adjustment generally includes the following aspects:

, a former CEO Zhang Jing Le bee has now returned to, responsible for the cosmetics category. According billion state power network understanding, Zhang Jing formally in February last year to replace Wang Licheng as Lasafo CEO, the original identity of the person in charge of Beijing.

however, Public Relations Department official said, Zhang Jing still served as Lasafo CEO, did not leave. At the same time, Zhang Jing is also responsible for the beauty category in

two, website system replacement. According to a cosmetics brand, Le bee network’s current official website and App system will be disabled, replaced by the development system.

three, unified supplier. Prior to the operation of different agents Le bee, channel with the same brand, you need to make trade-offs by an agent to operate.

four, commodity operation and full synchronization. A Japanese brand business channel responsible person revealed that it has received notice of, said the recent Lasafo sale schedule, annual commodity plan will synchronize with, in addition, will also work with warehouse system Lasafo sharing.

it is understood that the from June last year, officially launched the sale mode, in parallel with the existing mall model. In the past year, the number of brands sale on the rise. However, after the big adjustment, Le bee network original mall business will be affected, there is no exact news.

Le bee network in the business of several adjustments, Public Relations Department official said, has not received this news, Le bee network is not given a clear response.



for Le bee network of this round of adjustment, and most of its business cooperation is not surprising.

is very normal, Le bee network has long been controlled by, big adjustment is sooner or later." A cosmetics company official told billion state power network. In his view, this round of adjustment will not affect their brand, "Le bee had no amount is less than one store and (editor’s note: This refers to the merchant’s own sales in less than one store Jollibee and "

the person in charge of the analysis, after shares, Le bee network investment (especially advertising investment) significantly reduced, sales >

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