Mobile phone domain name global registration exceeded 500 thousand

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, the world’s first and only mobile phone domain name.Mobi global regulatory agency dotMobi said that since the October 2006 launch of the.Mobi domain name, there are already about 500000 domain names registered in 104 countries.

it is understood that there are tens of thousands of pages of content on the.Mobi website.
      the growing number of mobile domain name registration, reflecting the growing number of content developers are committed to providing consumers with quality mobile sites and applications.

In addition to

airlines, hotels and other tourism enterprises and BMW and other high-end car brand the rapid adoption of mobile phone domain, some music celebrities also have their own mobile site, such as China Wei Wei In addition, news and entertainment heavyweight website is also actively registered mobile phone domain name, such as ESPN, etc., to achieve a mobile.

is interesting, unique use of others are out of.Mobi, for example, useful in the United States, taxi docked in Britain and Canada, and is used in the query time and place of the movie.

.Mobi is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Washington, D. C. and Beijing.

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