Announced that all businesses settled with Taobao after the company’s share price limit

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September 22nd news, yesterday evening, Shen Saige issued the progress of strategic cooperation with Taobao’s announcement, announced that it will jointly create SEG @ Taobao one-stop electronic components procurement channels, set up an independent channel long-term in Affected by this news, the stock market today, Shen Saige shares opened trading, at 9:30, Shen Saige shares rose 9.98%, to 12.67 yuan / share.

it is understood that the independent channel tentatively named "SEG Taobao zone" by Shen Saige professional operations team for the operation of the organization. At present, the channel has thousands of merchants settled after Shen Saige certification, and through Taobao electronics market review. Billion state power network to understand, the channel page will try to run today, and officially launched on September 29th.

data show that Shenzhen SEG Limited by Share Ltd is Guangdong province retail trade enterprises, the company main business includes the development and operation of electronic professional market, and supporting project leasing services, and trade channels, e-commerce, small loan value-added services and hotel services, including electronic professional market is its main business, as of now, Shen Saige way to direct, and entrusted with the operation of the pool has opened nearly thirty electronic professional market in the country, forming a covering the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the radiation chain of professional electronic market system nationwide. The first half of this year, Shen Saige sales of about 363 million, the electronic market revenue 148 million.

main way about this cooperation with Taobao to set up Taobao Shen Saige area, Shen Saige said in the announcement, "SEG @ Taobao one-stop electronic components procurement channels on-line, distribution entrance will have home, will promote its Shen Saige electronic market in business components, supplies, tools, off the record other merchants settled in the channel. In addition, Shen Saige will also to Taobao industry market and provide merchants settled commodity authentication information, and provide businesses in the market entities operating within the credit, and credit guarantee for customer service channels in merchant endorsement. The Taobao industry market will be based on the appropriate rules of the channel to operate the business to provide the appropriate flow of introduction, background marking, activities and other privileges of online resources, and provide consulting, training and other technical support.

industry analysts said the partnership, equivalent to its vertical professional retail market with their endorsement, draw the line in the market by production data merchants settled Taobao, in order to enhance buyers online purchase information, which is similar to that of specialized Shen Saige products business enterprises to achieve integration of online and offline.

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billion state power network to understand, Shen Saige and Taobao Software Technology Company Limited (China) in early 1 at the end of this year it signed a cooperation agreement, in order to promote the smooth progress of the project, Shen Saige established electricity supplier division in August this year, Taobao industry market and the professional responsible for strategic cooperation projects landing.

for on line SEG @ Taobao DIY – one-stop electronic components procurement channels, "said Shen Saige company and Taobao, marks for >

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