The development of e commerce in China based on the new rules of Taobao

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recently in time to ask questions, find a very popular, the truth has been mixed in to ask in the field of electronic commerce, although it is not very understanding, but I ask the field of electronic commerce with expert identity, I found something strange. I rely on the following analysis of these issues.

A first one of the most serious problems is the

, a lot of friends in the discussion and ask about Taobao in January 2011 will be a day of the whole network of shops with mandatory consumer protection provisions (consumer protection is Taobao launched a service to buyers of consumer protection plan can maximize the interests of buyers, many users) said Taobao will not on the whole network in January 1st next year joined the consumer protection plan sellers imposed disappear, if you do not carry will be forced to close shop. Therefore I specifically looked at seller’s new rules, the rules do not clear such provisions, but there is a consumer protection agreement requires the seller to fill in, it is the whole network sellers can not join disappear, but once in the transaction process, there are complaints or reports, the seller to join the consumer protection plan. Tell the truth of this issue is indeed for many novice sellers a lot of pressure, I understand now many full-time shop owners have not joined the consumer protection, but business is not very good, if the news is true, then it will give the seller a maximum pressure, they will face is to give up Taobao is another way to pay the deposit to Taobao Road, although the margin is not much, but there are concerns with a lot of Taobao is the owner of the heart. In fact, when we all calm down to think about it, this problem can not be established. Why? The reasons are as follows, firstly, there is a rule in has joined the consumer protection plan the seller if the seller is to store complaints or reports praise rate less than a certain stage in the course of the transaction, Taobao will be mandatory for the seller to exit the consumer protection. I understand now and many of the crown shop is because of this reason is repaying the consumer protection. So if this argument is established, then the biggest problem facing these crown sellers, will be forced to close the shop. So this argument is completely unreliable.

there is a problem is now Taobao new registered users want to shop, must be in the real name authentication through Alipay, and provide their detailed identity information, to the novice shop test, only through the examination before the official shop, otherwise Taobao will not approve the shop. This article in the new rules explicitly, there are many novice open exam answers in beg ask above, actually I think this is completely unnecessary. I personally recommend to Taobao first business friends can now Taobao university with learning a few days, Taobao rules and system connection clearly, when you understand, deal with these exams can be said to be an easy job to do, of course, we went to Taobao university study is not only to cope with the examination, the main purpose is to let yourself know more about Taobao’s current market, to their own business "

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