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] October 28th news billion state power network, the average annual growth rate of more than 200% fresh electricity providers, a battle is the double 11 follow up a victory with hot pursuit. SF preferred to disclose billion state power network, double 11 promotion this year will not be lower than last year, while imports of goods volume of equipment will increase 5-6 times than in October.

double 11 compared with last year the biggest difference is that this year, SF hey off stores will also provide the SF preferred drainage, store promotion and single site service.

in logistics and distribution, will use the preferred SF SF cold transport. SF cold transport official said, will launch a customized double 11 plan for Tmall, SF preferred customers etc.. The plan will double last year’s 11, comprehensive customer daily business data and this year 11 plan for the city of fresh orders will increase the frequency of departure, different loading rate reached 60% will also take straight rather than transfer form, to enhance the efficiency of delivery.

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billion state power network to understand, 2013 double 11 period, fresh taste of sweetness. Data show that SF preferred growth of 26 times in the 11 day sales, orders increased 17 times, fresh accounted for 40%, among them, from the Australian direct mining of Australian beef tendon sold 11 tons; Tmall sold 50 tons of Alaska wild seafood, the equivalent of a 2 year WAL-MART supermarket sales tonnage; easy fruit fresh also hit 72 hours sold nearly 40 thousand records of durian.

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