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China has entered the Internet era of more than ten years, it has become the world’s largest PC, the largest number of Internet users, and so on a series of the world’s most. The era of network marketing has come, compared to traditional marketing, network marketing will be explosive speed forward. Due to large enterprises with international vision, basically realized the network marketing across, and Chinese is a small and medium-sized enterprise has 23 million economic power, which is only about 3 million of small and medium-sized enterprises more or less in the implementation of network marketing, Chinese population, the number of Internet users by the end of December 2009 has reached 223 million, ranking first in the world, the Internet China the market will greatly promote the rapid development of the Internet industry.

network marketing has the advantages of low cost, fast spread, wide range, no time and space constraints, which is the advantage of the internet. Many companies spend a lot of money to do all kinds of network advertising, but the effect is not ideal, the customer came to your sales platform why so difficult to single out? Should the enterprise in the era of e-commerce tide, how to stand in an invincible position, even from a slice? According to the website of shoe the operation of the new e-commerce network marketing mode of making shoes enterprise management experience, we analyze how to do network marketing.

first: enterprise construction site can improve the visibility of the enterprise, enterprise website is a famous brand on the internet. There is no geographical and spatial constraints, so that they can display their own companies, but also to increase the number of potential customers. Pat shoes network established the company’s own website, a professional technical team to maintain the site, to show consumers the company’s products, culture, etc., to enhance the visibility of the site.

second: professional technical team is the guarantee of website construction. In the shoe network has a special technical departments to maintain the normal operation of the site, the technical staff have received formal education, a certain degree of knowledge and professional skills. Now many companies have a network department, the network is now more and more high position in the enterprise. In order to make their own enterprises have better performance and sales, and further open the domestic market and the international market, there is no one kind of media than the Internet more convenient, fast and save money.

third: the most accurate market information feedback. After making shoes build website, can inquire who have visited the site and making shoes, these people from which country or region, which is the access to the industry, making shoes through the form, this can help the enterprise to make decision.

fourth: to strengthen pre-sales and after-sales service. After the construction of a good network of shoes, customers or potential customers can not go out to be able to understand the company’s information, the company’s products, office locations and contact methods. This will reduce the number of unnecessary procedures, a good company website can be equivalent to the number of sales of one year of sales. Effectively saves manpower, money and time. And through the site can also be timely to the customer

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