Readme five years Black History the United States consumers are also tired of the past five

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[Abstract] black five 600 billion dollars, let Tmall double eleven 57 billion 100 million seem to be cast into the shade. Thus, on the other side of the ocean, the U.S. retail market also depends on the big push to drive, cheap is the eternal theme of retail.

But compared with the domestic

, the deluge of media reports, "black five" real American consumers do not seem to be so enthusiastic. At least in the billion state power network in the United States edit string eyes, after five years of black Friday, in the business of the big promotion front has been flat and uninteresting.

so, the total retail sales of $600 billion a day come from? This is not the Chinese people who like hunger and thirst to by the sea Amoy website? In five black Monday, quietly curtain call network to today, this readme string five years in the United States experience:

or popular science bar.

black Friday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States (Thanksgiving Day) the day after Thanksgiving, because is the last Thursdy in November, Americans usually so even with the rest Thursday to Sunday. Because Thanksgiving businesses do not open the door, there is a cat in the holidays, so Friday dispatched his family was very common shopping spree. Because Thanksgiving is usually about a month before Christmas, so black Friday is a logical start once a year the shopping season.

about the black, the usual argument is that because in the manual bookkeeping era, profit is in black ink from the account, after Thanksgiving sales increase, so the book is usually black. As for why this time to start a large-scale business discounts, said that because of the end of the holiday season, a variety of consumer spending, two said the business is also a consumer feedback. In short, the annual black five was a drama starring shopping consumers and businesses.

look at the data, black five sales and double the same inspirational 11. In fact, black five behind, followed by Cyber Monday (online shopping, Monday) is convenient for people to conform to the trend of online shopping business, go shopping again Friday, Monday a promotion to sweep goods, but now online shopping is bigger and bigger, black five and Cyber Monday also can not be completely separated.

black five, I was at home near the Mall around 1.5 hours, in addition to harvest because many people outside the air causing dizziness, did not take out a penny. It is second days to go to Costco to buy things, found a few weeks ago to buy a big sale, and quickly went home to find the invoice back to the store to do a Price Match, to come back to a small knife 100 things. Other discounts, I did not have a little interest, not because of the help of domestic relatives and friends to buy a little, I do not even bother to open the computer.

do not know whether it is because of a sense of boredom, think back to the United States in the past five years, every year I do black:

first year, first >

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