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lemon Green Tea online, regardless of sales or online promotion has been recognized and accepted, it should be said that this is a brand supermarket network, the Internet is called "C2C Chinese first shop", and was predicted to impact the world’s first C2C shop to point the day and await for it. "Network business legend" "Taobao legend" "double crown" "crown" and so on the impact of the online honor many elite eye, online interaction, network information transmission will be the youngest only five years old lemon the Green Tea "rendering" than the legendary legend and magic…

so, true, false true, blossom everywhere in the whole Internet, even in various forums, websites, community, and specifically for this intense discussion; surprise is that even in the import of the Green Tea lemon care and follow-up questions; "that want to buy something in the lemon Green Tea, or a little concern, have bought it, to the point of reference…" "… I think there is definitely a really fake, sell very powerful should also do 5 crown……" "when she bought affordable herbal stuff, really, other do not know the" true "too late, has been photographed, get back to report." …… I want to say is, just a question to want to buy something, there are more than and 40 people the same day have given their answer, this reply is not a general community interactive message, this is not an ordinary thread support, it confirms lemon Green Tea visibility on the internet.

it is said that this is a 500 yuan started to create interest in entertainment part-time Taobao store magic shop business to amaze us up so. Today, "Ann interview" to celebrate the founder of lemon Green Tea we first talk about "C2C China first shop" in the "first" is based on what


lemon green tea: first, I think it may be concluded from the following aspects:

07 years in August, Green Tea successfully won the five lemon crown (200 thousand praise reputation), Taobao is the first five crown stores.

08 years in April, the first successful breakthrough in lemon Green Tea Taobao top 500 thousand praise crown reputation.

08 years in November, the first successful breakthrough in lemon Green Tea Taobao 1 million double crown reputation.

in addition, from Taobao data show that lemon green tea is the first seller of Taobao comprehensive ranking of transactions, but also the first seller of cosmetics trading.

09 years in January 4th, is the first field of C2C Green Tea lemon (only) is the first China beauty cosmetics industry portal – China cosmetics network (C2C) assessment for the 2008 annual "outstanding" channel network only.

lemon Green Tea, new sounds and elegant, but also very easy to cause some misunderstanding, often with the industry together Green Tea. For example, today in the reception of lemon green tea time, we have always thought it was a "tea"

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