An orange hit fresh electricity supplier seven inches

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for fresh electricity supplier, Chu orange is autumn killer sales; for consumers, it is synonymous with fruit quality. But this one is orange, it’s the official "Royal" combustible channel this year.

Chu orange is not large listed, that has been simmering business channel, Ali, Jingdong, every orchard, original life in the new trend of contemplating their business, do no doubt is the main reason behind the orange fresh debate. Optimistic about this piece of blue ocean in the capital, simply rely on low earn popularity, the product is too homogeneous, unable to control the source of the product are fresh electricity supplier is currently facing difficulties. But someone is seeking to break through.

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was given the inspirational concept of Chu orange, is not only an orange. The electricity supplier for the fresh, Chu orange is autumn killer sales; for consumers, it is synonymous with fruit quality. But this one is orange, it’s the official "Royal" combustible channel this year.

should say fresh electricity suppliers have been living the achievements of the Chu Chu orange orange, also became the first product life. But this year, either Ali or other electricity providers, have been or join the Chu orange business channel. The first is October 10th of this year, the son of Zhu Shijian, first chairman Zhu Yibin Taida announced a high-profile collaboration with Alibaba Mantianxing plans, while Tmall "exclusive" opened "Chu Shixin selected fruit flagship store". Because the old Mr. Zhu Shijian platform of the conference site, the outside world once rumored Ali received a Chu orange authorized channel. But 11 days later, Zhu Shijian and grandson, Kim fruit manager Li Yaxin attended the originally life network conference, and especially to clarify, Chu orange registered trademarks. Chu orange and Tmall and stars did not plan exclusive cooperation ", but more depth cooperation and will have been living network.

the Zhu Shijian family there are two camps in the operation of Chu orange, one is just in cooperation with ALI represented by Zhu Yibin, he founded the Yunnan TEDA Investment Henguang Agriculture Development Co. Ltd.; the other one is Zhu Shijian’s granddaughter, grandson Shuyi appointed Li Yaxin as the representative, are responsible for Xinping Co. Ltd. Yuxi Jintai fruit, built in Yunnan Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Li Yaxin has been with Zhu Shijian and his wife jointly run Chu orange, and in cooperation with the original life, Zhu Yibin is 2013 returned from Singapore to participate in the specific affairs of Chu orange.

Chu Jia two camps each in Ali’s Tmall, Taobao opened a shop on the platform, and more than one shop. Beijing Daily reporter statistics found that Zhu Yibin’s company in Tmall meow fresh green Chu Shixin selected fruit flagship store; Li Yaxin couple led the team opened the shop Tmall Chu orange fruit flagship store "," cloud crown flagship store ", Taobao" real fruit store "," Taobao store fruit ji". It is not difficult to see, only Ali platform, Chu has on the Tmall platform that opened the three official shop, opened two official shop in Taobao. Although there are clear Chu family owned, but there are so > in Tmall and Taobao platform

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