Le bee in August two anniversary birthday celebration of electricity providers frequently hurt

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recently, network transmission Lasafo will be held again in August 28th 5 day anniversary promotional activities, and the fact that Lasafo in early August has just held 5 days and 5 night anniversary promotional activities, within a month, has carried out two anniversary activities, what is this music bee this is to send?! spread from the arena of Le bee advertising focus map, August 28th seems to be true, but two times a month to the anniversary of activities, the integrity of Le bee and a broken.

Le bee re engage in the anniversary of Oolong? Speculation? Or


August is the Lasafo anniversary month into eight since the music bee has held 8.1 anniversary, 815 big promotion electricity supplier war two, by the end of the month was once again on behalf of the anniversary of the event, I really do not know is own goal are not careful, or no integrity self hype, but at the beginning of the month 8.1 anniversary big promotion Lasafo really tasted the sweetness.

review, August 1st 12 pm the same day, Le bee that announced the transaction volume has exceeded 122 million, while the turnover of Wucongkaozheng, inevitably cast doubt but with a GMV count of 122 million the size of the transaction is also possible, because it includes many orders without payment or order to cancel the order situation. In fact, do not look at transactions, also can see its sales unpopular from the lefeng.com lively degree, "sister static moment" 1 yuan, "mad bee special 5 hair purchase" activity detonated Le bee anniversary.

tasted the sweetness of Le bee, is likely to once again in the name of the anniversary launch "5 days and 5 nights 5 hair party 20 hours to promote such a crazy bee" provocative activities from August 28th to September 1st, said to be amusing incident, many people are more willing to believe that this is the music bee hype. Their music bee 8.1 Anniversary Day promotional activities are very popular with consumers, so once again to the anniversary promotion than to think of a new name of the theme is more direct, more attractive, and within a month, two times the anniversary of this counterintuitive approach has more topics, the music bee speculation is enough completely.

from the time, in 6, 8 and November are large electricity providers to promote the month, which in August November Tmall double eleven during this period are generally relatively deserted, the lack of large-scale promotional activities, because consumers are ready to accumulate purchasing power in the double eleven day release. Le bee selection in late August early September release of a consumer purchasing power, the choice of this time can also means it was remarkable, is a wonderful surprise.

electricity supplier crazy festival promotion theme has no bottom line

second Le bee two times a month anniversary activities is not too surprising, the United States is not in the 8.1 day out of 3.5 anniversary. Now the electricity supplier making crazy festival promotion theme, has no bottom line.


with double eleven, major electricity providers have launched their own holiday promotion, Jingdong 618, Suning has 815 successful, > three

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