Online shopping quietly rise of the gray industry pay thousands of dollars can revenge shop

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experts: urgent need to establish a sound network credit rating system

online shopping for goods and photos is one hundred and eight thousand, and the seller in the intensification of contradictions, the public Miss Chen chose "violence" rights, commissioned by the company of network public relations the whole evil to the shop. Reporter survey found that with the increasing number of online shopping disputes, and the breeding of gray industrial chain is also growing. Experts believe that the domestic legal system and credit system is not perfect to strengthen the credit system.

consumers: intimidation helpless violence activist

online shopping online before the day Miss Chen saw a beautiful skirt, after receiving the kind but silly eye: off-line fabric roughness, many, even the brand LO-GO is crooked, her boyfriend was nicknamed dressed like aunt. Miss Chen immediately asked to return, but the seller is to refuse to have color photos, even if not words threatened to modify the evaluation of her address and telephone number in adult forum exposure.

dummy eat Coptis Chen can only appeal in the forum said his experience, did not expect a day later, she accidentally received an e-mail. "We can help customers quickly Zhengkua unscrupulous shop, and not involving any irregularities and illegal operation." The reporter saw in the mail, a net list of several schemes introduction to the "beep cat", the highest charges thousand yuan, and promised to the success of the first only part of the deposit.

paid a week later, Ms. Chen found that his own shop suddenly more than 100. In the credibility of the online shopping industry is king, which has almost sentenced to death shop.

: online shopping industry quietly rising

according to the "beep cat" left contact, the reporter dialed his phone, said very interested in business. The other side of the show that they are a network of public relations companies, every day will receive 4, 5 Miss Chen such customers.

"operation is very simple, we bought hundreds of Taobao account, from all over the country, the registration time is not the same, will not be suspected. When the customer orders, the company will use different accounts to be buying a whole low-priced products shop, such as 5 yuan; take a seller after delivery, we will directly confirm receipt and give poor ratings, 100 poor cost is 500 yuan." The other said, this operation in the process and no flaws can catch.

"toot cat" also revealed that due to the peer competition, in addition to poor offensive, the company also provides a kind of "what is the law of retaliation, with dozens of similar user name accounts to kuangpai goods to praise. The site is easy to suspect that the seller himself in the hype of credit, it will freeze the store."

experts: network credit system needs to be improved

reporter survey found that many online shopping users do not oppose this. "The seller to the buyer to hear malicious send dead mice, send the stool, if buyers really have complained of suffering, violence is not a bad idea." Net friend

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