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the electronic magazine "Slate" published on Wednesday signed Farhad · Manyueao (Farhad Manjoo) the article said that the date of delivery and fresh business combination, the entire shopping people’s great changes will occur, this effect is not less than the year of the Amazon book industry impact. With these services, when you need to buy anything, not only can stay at home, and only a few hours, there will be people door-to-door, like all the shops have moved to the door.

below is the full text of the article:

served on the same day

a few days ago, my family out of toilet paper. In this case you should not be strange: the last volume of paper in my family began to count down, then you may need to go to the store to buy some new back in a few hours, not more than one day. The specific situation depends on how many people are there in your family, and the amount of toilet paper. Unless you are single, barely at home in the toilet, otherwise if beyond this time, I’m afraid you will be very miserable.

but I’m worse when my last volume is about to run out of toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and home detergent is almost gone. Apparently, my family seems to be in a disaster soon". But as usual, I was so busy that I had no time to go shopping.

, however, this disaster is the final outcome is very satisfactory. In April this year, I began testing the "Google Express" (Google Shopping) project. This is known as the electronic commerce service delivery orders can be completed in a few hours, is currently in the San Francisco Bay area promotion. You can order in Taghit, Walgreens, Office, Depot etc. toysrus retailer online merchandise, and even a small local shop Blue Bottle Office goods.

Google shopping express will store most of these goods are aggregated to an interface, convenient for you at the same time. The prices of these goods are exactly the same as those in the physical store. You can see the delivery options, such as "any time of the day" or "2 p.m. to 6 p.m.". After determining the delivery time, the order is completed.

That day in my

out of toilet paper, I at this service on a single. Just past 4 in the afternoon, a Google T-shirt in a green T-shirt sent it to my door. After receiving the goods, I immediately go back to work, the whole process has not stepped out of the house half step.

According to

, Google is considering charging $60 to $70 in fees for the service, competing with Amazon’s gold service. But at present, the company has not yet determined the final pricing, and in the testing phase, the entire service is completely free. >

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