com domain name registration agency will conduct network upgrades to deal with hackers

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Beijing on February 9th news, according to foreign media reports,.Com and.Net domain name registration agency VeriSign said recently, will invest more than $100 million for Internet infrastructure upgrades, to combat cyber crime and to adapt to a new round of growth trend of Internet traffic,

VeriSign in addition to the domain name registration and management of two Internet root servers. The industry pointed out that the current number of global cyber attacks into a rapid growth trend, VeriSign upgrade program is undoubtedly targeted. Verisign CEO Stratton · sclavos (Stratton Sclavos) said that the upgrade plan completed in 2010, will enable the capacity increase of 10 times.

sclavos said, for the increasingly rampant cyber attacks, VeriSign has the obligation to advance precautions; this upgrade is not only to solve the bandwidth bottleneck, but also for the protection of network attack. "Cyber attackers are getting more and more sophisticated, and the range of attacks is growing," he said. This upgrade is conducive to the stability of the Internet architecture. If the Internet architecture fails, it will bring huge losses to the global Internet users."

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IDC analyst at · Stofega (Will Stofega) said this week happened again for the global hackers 13 root servers attacks, which means that the threat level of the Internet by the increased again. He expects, VeriSign announced its upgrade plan, other Internet domain name management companies will follow up. Stofega said: "in the next one or two years, the network attack will further deteriorate, so now we should take preventive measures."

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