Hung Yi qihunanxia means you know my heart bitter

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Qihoo before the domain name, because similar homonym has been riding a tiger, the domain name industry friends joked "difficult", recently came the news that the Qihoo has a new domain name, whether to sweep away the haze of the gas domain before? The author without sources, is not known, but the new name is homophonic "bitter, cry" two words, think also laughing.

Yao Hung Yi year, Lawrence debut, viral marketing, 3721, laughing, inserted on both sides of the Changjiang River times.

Now, the content and mode of development obviously and other sites serious homogeneity, even to flow at a touch ball game, if it goes on like this, some people may think that the future is not bitter…

but the fact is not true, this model can also earn money, and it may be very promising, think of the sun rise, think Hung Yi control 360, thunder, alliance forum…. The dire consequences of traffic + every year are on the rise of Internet advertising…

well, do not write, I wish the learning object is more and more big brother Hung Yi gongsui.


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