The first home building materials group website is about to open the exhibition hall

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August 20th, a new network of building materials to buy a new group of portal network ( will officially open the hall. As a result, the new mission network became the first to build a home exhibition hall home building materials Group buy site, leading home building materials industry to enter the new era. New mission network CEO Liu Kewei said that the establishment of an entity exhibition hall, is the inevitable choice for the development of the new mission network differentiated Road, in the history of the development of the new group has a pivotal significance. At the same time, the whole network home building materials industry will also provide a new model reference.

it is understood that the new group was founded in March 2010, the central city of Nanchang, is the first from the United States Chinese Groupon model Home Furnishing building materials group purchase website, currently provides services to Nanchang local group purchase, is a set of building materials group purchase, news and information, classified information and community interaction for the integrated portal group purchase. As of August this year, the new group of more than 50 thousand registered members of the network, the average daily page views of more than 100 thousand, the monthly turnover of nearly $3 million, is the most popular home building materials purchase platform in Nanchang.

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, group purchase industry "thousand group war" is becoming increasingly fierce, Nanchang local building materials group purchase market is Home Furnishing kill a sound, Nanchang traditional local portals have to enter the group purchase field of building materials, a serious threat to the new group net market leading position. In order to maintain a consistent market advantage, new mission network management bold innovation, from online go to the next line, in Nanchang living core plate – like Lake Town, building area of 1000 square meters of real exhibition hall, the real implementation of the consumer group purchase can see the dream.

according to reports, the new mission network is located in the center of the Jinsha Road and the junction of the Lake Road in August, convenient transportation, take 212 Road, bus 25 direct. Users see the various brands of exhibits in the exhibition hall can, including 100 samples fudeli flooring, Sinya cabinets, health ceramics, TCL- Legrand, Lonon motor switch, wave dance bathroom, AOTIN integrated environmental stove, water heater, Harbaugh Kexiang wallpaper, CHINT electric, Asia Paint, etc. the number of beautiful home. Consumers once saw a brand, to the middle of the hall to the computer touch screen orders, then go home and wait for the new staff door-to-door.

in the new round of the net hall to see the goods, not only convenient and quick, do not like the traditional home town so hard. More importantly, the new group net commodity prices, a lot cheaper than Hong Kong Home Furnishing city and province building materials market, such as Kang Juyuan doors, Xiangjiang Home Furnishing city market price of around 2300, but the new price is 1460 yuan, to 37% off.

The new

group net CEO Liu Kewei think, Home Furnishing building materials industry is a huge industry, the new group’s task is to get rid of profits, so the price return to Nanchang, every owner can buy real cheap building materials Home Furnishing.

home Theme Park Building 16 clove Yijing Miss Guo told reporters that the new group.

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