Foxconn launched a business platform independent networking

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October 26th morning news, has been trying to break the day before Foxconn OEM business in the field of Electronic Commerce launched second attempts, launched an independent domain name website – rich networking.

October 16th, in recent years on the road to walk a fine line in the transformation of Foxconn has a new action in the channel, rich networking business platform independent domain name it’s officially launched. After the tiger Tesco, which is Foxconn electricity supplier in the channel to try again.

data show that in 2013 April formally established the rich networking, officially launched in 2013 July, the first flagship store is open to the form in the Tmall platform. With the past is different, this time the rich Internet launched the independent domain name, extended from the shop for a comprehensive business platform.


technology website found that sales of mobile phone, tablet computer, networking routers, TV, digital accessories and other categories of products.

In addition,

, B2C, C2C with the traditional business model is different, rich networking in the operation also launched the "new play Peter Pan". It is understood that, as long as the user registered account rich networking and provide relevant information for Peter Pan, can be transformed into a rich Internet seller. Share of goods or merchandise QR code link address through personal accounts for others to scan the successful completion of sales orders, and within 7 days of no return can get rich networking services provided by the commission.

days ago, Foxconn was held in Chengdu, Western China International Exposition showcases independent research and manufacture of several Infous brand mobile phone, tablet computer and other intelligent hardware terminal equipment.

analysts said that while the release of intelligent terminals, while expanding electricity supplier channels, Foxconn’s recent combination of action reveals its desire to manufacture from the brand, channel development direction of transition.

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