SF hey off predicament of the transformation of the electricity supplier or chicken ribs project

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Abstract: the logistics industry is still substantial growth, in the field of logistics, SF is certainly a big boss. But get involved in the industry, the electricity supplier in the field, SF want to build business empire without hands-on, enables the integration of downstream industry chain acquisitions, rather than do hatch.


SF is doing what? Isn’t it a logistics company


vice president of SF international electricity supplier division Ren Xiaoyu immediately retorted: "I don’t think SF is the essence of logistics enterprise, SF is the essence of the service, not doing logistics."

Wang Wei also said in an interview: "to do business SF based service, rather than a simple logistics company." Therefore, SF will revolve around the core competitiveness of the logistics business to. Hey shop is the key node to establish the flow of sf.

SF not when the fire in the O2O community began laying thousands of SF hey Inn in the country. SF hey shop constantly trying to influence, stick and expand the C end and C end of the expansion will bring the huge increment for the express logistics flow, the idea to form a closed loop is full.

hey can assume a ring SF preferred O2O strategic layout, but more important is to let SF hey shop group to form fast layout of the community convenience store. With a strong network of express logistics terminal in advance scramble, will undoubtedly make SF Zhandexianji in the future competition.

however, since SF test of electronic commerce since, outside of their questioning and mouthing had not broken. Today, an article on "Hey SF off off, logistics chiefs Wang Wei for O2O entrepreneurs to make four lesson 1 billion tuition for WeChat in the circle of friends crazy.

who find Wang Wei a reflection: "2014 is the SF innovation for most of the year, but in my opinion, almost half is not successful." Think Wang Weizhi’s biggest success is hey off.

in view of these questions, SF headquarters public relations manager Gu Qian told reporters that the SF does not avoid the negative sound, because the question is not strong enough we do now is not strong, does not mean that we can do now is not firm. In addition, SF also said that not only closed shop name, hey passengers will also expand, and SF parents exist at the same time period.

Director Huang Gang analysis

China Electronic Commerce Association of Logistics Alliance Committee of experts, the SF hey passengers have upstream quality endorsement, brand influence, user stickiness and trust and other advantages, but due to the actual situation in the landing process, the result is not very successful landing. Hey hey in the process of making sure to pay tuition."

indeed, the courier giant SF, want to rely on to establish the logistics system inherent in the huge business empire strategy, there is no problem, but the tactics need to constantly adjust, also need to bear a certain price.

hey dilemma

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