6 maternal chain to test the water social electricity supplier to carry out O2O big promotion

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Jingdong’s pat platform is accelerating the removal of the original C2C label.


after March 30th and the world’s largest communications service group, WPP strategic cooperation, the reporter learned exclusively, pat micro shop will jointly Michaelis, Xi Yang Yang, Yi, fancy baby and New York international early education institutions such as the 6 major chain brand O2O promote the development of maternal and infant.

has been the traditional retail channels of e-commerce both love and hate: on the one hand, B2C business model traffic high cost; on the other hand, the traditional online store sales and the extrusion effect.

and the traditional electricity supplier shouting subversion different social networking mode allows users to retain traditional channels." The domestic well-known brand chain Michaelis maternal person in charge of the electricity supplier Dan Jiacheng in the twenty-first Century economic report said in an interview with reporters, the traditional offline channels, hoping to achieve online and offline complementary and win-win.

traditional B2C electricity supplier, especially the platform type electricity supplier, traffic acquisition costs are too high." Single Cheng told reporters, as the country’s top-ranking maternal chain channels, the Michaelis in various electricity supplier channels have layout, its purpose is to let consumers can buy their products in a variety of channels.

According to Dan Jiacheng

, the Michaelis in the country there are 18 branches, about 500 stores, including more than and 300 Zhiyingdian, O2O system platform within the company tens of millions of dollars to spend last year.

Cheng Tancheng, from the current turnover, the turnover from B2C business is still the vast majority of Michaelis electricity sales, but mobile social electricity supplier must be concerned about the direction of.

in the area covered by the store, with the help of social electricity providers can be achieved within three hours after receiving orders." One said to reporters, the ideal O2O model is that the platform and the electricity supplier’s own open platform orders after the user, from the background directly pushed to the Michaelis line stores, direct delivery from the store staff, "three hours of delivery, the current electricity supplier to do basic logistics".

Dan Jiacheng said, so they don’t need the third party logistics, and by their own staff door-to-door benefits, in addition to fast, the more important is that they are more familiar with the goods, but also a number of free consultation and service for the user, including free baby barber, greatly enhance the user experience.

for the traditional channels, the other imagination of social electricity supplier is to allow the staff and users to assume the role of the seller. With the help of Pat micro shop system, Michaelis intends to participate in product sales of the individual, can easily build their own micro shop, through its own sales network, get a commission.

another mother and child Shang Xiyang, founder of the chain channel Wang Weimin, in an interview with reporters, but also optimistic about the future of social electricity supplier in the future of the.

for regional chain, Tmall platform is actually a competitive relationship." Wang Weimin said hi Yang Yang >

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