The prospects for its development from the perspective of the rebate network business model

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What is the rebate network

remember in 2000 when the rebate network this kind of mode in foreign countries appeared, some of the larger sites such as Fatwallet, Ebates has been in operation for nearly 10 years. In 2003 this pattern has to be known to the people and the use of Tesco, 51 rebate, money and other sites will rise. This field after recent years of farming, Tencent and NetEase in 2009 suddenly broke into two giant. Since then, the rebate network began to be more concerned about. In fact, no matter what is the essence of its return is a CPS advertising model. Users from the site to go to the B2C site links to shopping, such sites will give the user a certain amount of cash feedback. Simply put, that is, through the introduction of the user can get rebates shopping.

business model

rebate network

said above, the rebate network is the essence of a CPS advertising model, here in the industry do a good rebate network called love shopping network to make an example, such as A saw a fall in love with your favorite products in online shopping, and then click to buy into the, when the payment is completed, love shopping network to get the Taobao 20% Commission, which is the CPS advertising, so love shopping network will be half of that in 20% returned to A, leaving only their own little as part of the cost of site operations, so A got benefits in the shopping, love to have funds to continue shopping network this is a run down, most of the rebate network profit model. Of course, when the site traffic increasing, website advertising will be a high income, this is something.

The development prospect of

rebate network

rebate network is a double-edged sword for the B2C mall, people love to hate. Love is because of the rebate network can give mall to bring a lot of tourists, tourists and the conversion rate can be quite high. But the existence of the rebate network will also increase the cost of the B2C mall, but also reduces the consumer loyalty, the same item price today, Taobao rebate, the user went to Taobao, the Jingdong of the rebate tomorrow, the user went to the Jingdong, which makes the B2C mall can not develop their own old customers.


users, the rebate network is convenient for many, before Taobao online shopping, to bargain with the store, which is a difficult word to describe it, especially for the relatively large number of goods, the store did not bother to bargain with you. Now just like the love of shopping through the network such rebate network, not only do not go to jabber with the store, choose the surface is also large. The same with the price of the goods, but also compare which can get the rebate up, so that the user can feel the benefits.

so, anyway, like the love of this kind of network shopping rebate network is in line with the needs of the development of the market, only the user needs, is the true development. Now the rebate network market competition, 51 rebate, QQ and other giants gathered in rebate Network >

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