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aspects of the United States responded that this is just an individual to push the behavior of employees, the internal staff has been criticized for education.

yesterday, the media reported that Guangzhou beauty group to push the team to hit billboard and Alipay related businesses in, push people to call this policy within the United States mission, require businesses to fully disable Alipay, otherwise it will improve the percentage of businesses. In this regard, the United States responded that the group, which is only an individual to push the behavior of employees, the internal staff has been criticized for education. Alipay has said is to verify the matter.

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media said the delegation and the Alipay


media reported that a number of Guangzhou businesses reflect their own stores operating by the United States and the United States staff harassment. The staff smashed Alipay material, not only robbed the merchant cashier on Alipay signs, tear related posters, also threatened businesses must disable Alipay, to continue to cooperate with the United States, otherwise, it is necessary to improve the percentage of businesses.

for the above behavior, there is news that the United States Mission of the "blitz", the U.S. group internal requires each people to push off the assembly line at least two Alipay businesses, removed the related posters and signs, and successfully closed in Alipay’s store.


report said that in November 17th, local life service platform owned by Alipay launched a word-of-mouth open platform for businesses, service providers, and the introduction of sea fishing, Sibelius and grandma this three catering enterprises to become the reputation of the shareholders. The industry believes that this strategy will be a great threat to the u.s.. Subsequently, the United States held a meeting within the group, launched the lightning action". With the rapid expansion of Alipay and word-of-mouth online market, the U.S. group and Alipay official war. Some media said that the Alibaba will withdraw from the U.S. group, the full support of dizi word-of-mouth network.

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U.S. mission: personal behavior has criticized education

for smashing event, beauty group responded that has monitored the relevant media reports, after verification of the investigation, only belong to the individual to push internal employee behavior, has been criticized for the US group net staff; "Blitzkrieg" content screenshots, aspects of the U.S. group said, individual regions do appear so the behavior, but not the U.S. group company level, the U.S. group and local businesses signed exclusive cooperation, now only communicate with the business performance of the original partnership agreement. Alipay has said, has received the businessmen reflect is to verify the matter.

for the U.S. group and Alipay. The statement said, beauty is not entirely true. For Ali is no longer the investment and exit of the argument, the United States said the group is currently unaware of the situation, Alibaba said it would not respond to the matter temporarily.

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Ali recently to support the reputation of


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