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at the Columbia University in the United States for 4 months "Liu" was, and was interviewed by the media, this is the year of Liu Qiangdong’s second appearance in front of the media, the first time is at the Jingdong POP platform conference, at that time, Liu also just came back from the United States, his first reaction is black media the thin, to see the same. According to Liu himself, lost 36.

see the reporter’s first sentence, Liu said: "we are the first three quarters of the whole to achieve a profit, no loss." Heartfelt happy, everyone can see. For Jingdong, this is the first time to stand up straight.

in 2014, Liu to the Jingdong layout can be said to have the following four points:

1 mobile and big data as the core technology of the two, the establishment of R & D innovation mechanism.

2 to promote small loan Jingdong.

3 integrated line under the super resources to build their own O2O system.

4 Jingdong channel sink and internationalization strategy.

for this layout, the fat cat does not feel fresh. An article written in the earlier fat cat said, whether in the electricity market or mobile Internet market, Jingdong has always played a "late" role, before Ali, after the Tencent, Jingdong with difficult to stretch in the middle, if there is no product support a strong.

Jingdong’s mobile terminal is also just ideas

The use of mobile

and big data, relatively speaking Liu, Jingdong from the current situation, this idea is still in an embryonic stage, although there are more than 3000 R & D personnel, although Liu has repeatedly stressed that next year the Jingdong took out a lot of new products in the mobile terminal, and in the big data research and development under the a lot of work. But now, these are just the "idea", compared to did not see the "implementation" of the shadow, under Ali Alipay, Taobao mobile phone, WeChat has been the first shopping Tencent, Jingdong with a "APP" it is difficult to say that the occupation of the mobile terminal. This is the real basis of the "99% Liu are landing in the PC side Jingdong mall customers will download the Jingdong APP" do not know where the cat, around 90% friends at least the mobile phone client to download the Jingdong APP is almost zero, perhaps, we are the 1% "".

Jingdong small loan model, in essence, is a continuation of the model of small loans ali. In theory, that the user – network side Ali small loan, a Jingdong "supplier". From this move, Liu made reliable. In the future, Jingdong finance will become an independent subsidiary, which is the development of the inevitable. Liu said that at the end of the first quarter of next year, the Jingdong’s online banking and online wallet will open, personal account behavior and merchant account would have been on the line…… In other words, we want to use the Jingdong

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