Honey bud responded Betta bottle incident Disputes from the upstream brand

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[Abstract] honey bud said it will communicate directly with the Japanese Betta, and investigate the previous product.


Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) September 21st news, after the news that the domestic electricity supplier website honey bud sales of Japanese Betta bottle has not been authorized in japan. In response to this rumor, the Japanese Betta official said in a statement on September 18th: the mother and child electricity supplier website honey bud (mia.com) conducted an investigation, the company and the company neither contract nor any trade relations.

this morning, honey bud on the Tencent science and Technology issued a reply, said:

first, the honey bud is licensed by the brand, and authorized chain clear;

second, Betta Chinese online and offline channels by the same supply channels, including Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon, you, Yansha,


third, this event, in fact, the brand’s trademark dispute. As honey buds, we will be concerned and further evidence. And, if necessary, the honey bud will go to Japan to inspect the factory;

finally, before the details were identified, we also called on national retailers to suspend the sale of the brand.

honey bud aspects of Tencent technology, said it will make direct communication with the Japanese side of the Betta in the near future, and to investigate the previous product.

are the following aspects of the Japanese Betta as well as honey bud response:

Betta Chinese statement full text:

statement on similar products in China

thank you for all the "DOCTOR Betta bottle" love.

the company "ZOOM.T" alone R & D design "DOCTOR Betta bottle", has been in Japan for production and sales for more than 20 years.

, however, at present, many customers reflect, in China, called "Betta" and "www.mia.com" website is selling similar to the appearance of the company’s bottle. The company after the investigation of the company can make a clear judgment, the company and the company neither contract nor any trade relations.

please love the company "DOCTOR Betta bottle" customers must pay attention to. In addition, I am sorry that the company has not yet purchased the authenticity of your identification. Please understand this point.

hereby notify.

September 18, 2015

Corporation ZOOM.T


co director long Moo

honey bud on the Betta bottle incident investigation and >

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