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originally in accordance with the men’s clothing, food and other industries label classification entrance is gone.

if you are a heavy user of Tmall APP, you may find some changes in its home page.

is the most obvious in the original "women" and "men" and "food" and these categories as the entrance of the label disappeared, instead of the post or list. Like an article you saw on WeChat.

for the European Cup "boyfriend watching, eat me, you will see after the point into some simple text and recipes, salmon, steak, marked above the price, click on the picture or text, you can jump to the corresponding page to buy. As well as graduation season to sell a camera, father’s day tide dad list posts.




in addition, the new version of home can swipe left and right to switch pages, and live the plate is more obvious.

from last year, Alibaba began to change the direction of content marketing. That is to rely on the article to do product diversion.

is not only Tmall, Taobao is also doing in this direction. In September last year, Taobao launched mobile phone "open content plan", recruited from media, network reds, consumers, Taobao’s Taobao mobile phone through the headlines, there is a good stock, Master Amoy, love shopping and other content to write the contents of every kind of guide plate.


Daren Amoy page screenshot

actually, this group of people is more like a content editor, or advertising writer. Taobao mobile phone, said Jiang Fan, head of the people, once the transaction through their content, they will be able to enjoy the Commission, Taobao plans to pay 2 billion Commission within 3 years. Jiang Fan said, there are a lot of people get a good income, such as the contents of the creators of Miss Fan in 7 days to get a total of 136 thousand yuan revenue.

mobile phone Taobao also on the line to ask everyone feature, consumers can ask questions for the product, Taobao will issue the issue has been purchased by the user, to answer them. This is actually another form of buyer reviews.


held in Hangzhou in March 2nd this year, business service providers conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong also stressed the importance of content marketing. He said that with 407 million consumers, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan itself is China’s largest consumer media, the influx of people every day is willing to pay for quality content and goods.

content shopping guide will play more and more electronic platform Ali

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