How to create a real electricity supplier brand thinking

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Whether it is Taobao

, or pat merchants, or vertical shopping sites, most of the electricity supplier who we see, they still belong to a post, and not out of it by a nature or instinct as driven by interests, like the line at the beginning of 90s period, large circulation, large wholesale market era


online or offline, it seems that the business model needs to be a process to improve, and the process is painful. 80s brings a new speculative economic reform and opening up, the difference is, the era of the early 90s channel wholesale, the manufacturers do is East China, North China region Deng agency model, at the end of 90s, into the provincial agency model, until the transition to the terminal era, brand era, supply chain transformation era each mode is determined by competition pattern changes, prompting businesses to take the initiative to cater to consumers, which is the so-called consumer demand to upgrade! Everything is still a matter of time change, change a relationship between supply and demand of


as mentioned above, each operating mode of transformation, will die a batch, will also grow a number of dead, don’t insist, don’t give up the business, living and development, are in the transformation of the mode of the initiative to seize the opportunity, the courage to sacrifice now, in electronic commerce, is the so-called tide, when is the opportunity to pay close attention to their own shorts, we have to do, time to stop the tide receded, did not know he didn’t wear pants


, electronic commerce, an obvious trait: facing the national market, when faced with more customers, the customer is in fact a passive choice, rational consumer groups online shopping is very backward, everyone in the fight for the chance to do or are actually in the type of business, the electricity supplier who earn is the difference, not a few business real concern to the customer’s feelings, because they feel that a few billion consumer groups, the less you a lot? This is the temptation of electronic commerce place, not to the depth of the electricity supplier to consider more quality, service, customer experience and so on! At the beginning of the 90s model as mentioned earlier: items belonging to the precarious age, mode of operation is on the CCTV program, do the top area, waiting for dealers to pull goods, waiting for customers to buy the goods. And who will sit down to do fine root work? Who will be the lower channel to the prefecture level city of


second characteristics, the current online shopping to form a certain scale, when we talk about the quality and integrity of the time, the emergence of a more strange thing, the price and then play a big discount, the temptation to impulse buying. For example, a roasted food price 158, discount to 40 yuan, can you believe it? This discount or inflated price discount, or waste, because the industry gross profit is 40% roasted, but this kind of fraud is profitable, because several billion population, you do not believe some people always believe it! But the growth by fraud and users, can be the enterprise value? Can we talk about the brand? Fraud market will make part of the interests of businesses in the former lost until death always, will make a part of enterprises.

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