Good pharmacist project and proprietary business conflict Jingdong returned Kyushu

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Jingdong mall and Kyushu pharmaceutical electricity supplier project – a good pharmacist network to break up the marriage ended. This strong cooperation between the two years ago, the cross-border cooperation has been high hopes for the market. However, after breaking up on the project, the two sides continue to cooperate in the pharmaceutical electricity supplier business continues.

July 27th, Kyushu Tong (600998, SH) announced that Jingdong will hold all of its good pharmacist all the shares transferred to kyushu. When the transfer of equity, Jingdong and good pharmacist signed a business strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be aligned as a long-term strategic partnership of strategic importance.

yesterday (July 28th), Jointown an insider told the "daily economic news" reporter, because the previous good pharmacist network B2C ("business to consumer, retail business model) need to use Jingdong and Jingdong Resources Mall, mall itself related to business, resulting in two competition, some of the damage the interests of shareholders," now the Jingdong no longer holds good medicine of equity, the original proprietary business retained in the Jingdong system, Jointown through good pharmacists and Jingdong to maintain business relationships, interests of shareholders."

it is understood that Jingdong wholly owned by the Jingdong pharmaceutical city will be on the line in the near future.

these people further introduced last year, good pharmacist net operating income of nearly 100 million yuan, is expected to 200 million yuan in 100 million this year, "the good medicine business including good medicine website, Jingdong flagship store and pharmacist Tmall shop, the Jingdong flagship store for good medicine with the vast majority of the profits".

good pharmacists affect Jingdong proprietary business

Kyushu Tong announced that Jingdong intends to hold 49% of its good pharmacist all transferred to Kyushu pass, after the transfer is completed, Jingdong mall no longer holds a good pharmacist equity.

transfer price, the content of the agreement shows that the equity transfer price did not reach Kyushu through the latest audited net assets of 10%. According to a quarterly in 2013, Kyushu, as of the end of the owner’s equity of 4 billion 687 million yuan, the acquisition price of less than $470 million.

this concern cross-border cooperation began in 2011. At that time, the mall to the big pharmacy Jingdong capital increase, a good pharmacist Network Holdings of 49%, while Kyushu shares held by the controlling stake of 51%.

just over a year on the line, Jingdong good pharmacist began to be outgoing investors broke up soon. Many industry insiders speculated that the reasons for the breakdown of the two sides of the marriage is in the 2% stake in the dispute.

media reports said that due to Kyushu refused to give up the controlling stake, good pharmacist before CEO Cui Wei, director of marketing, such as, who are back to the Jingdong, Jingdong also canceled the Jingdong good pharmacist dedicated entrance. A few months ago, a good pharmacist network will be handed over to the independent operation of kyushu.

, however, the daily economic news reporter learned that, in fact, there is no dispute between the two sides, the controlling stake in the Jingdong to quit a good pharmacist Network >

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