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flash shopping site Fab co-founder Jason · Goldberg (Jason Goldberg) recently published a blog article, as his new year’s speech. In this blog post, he talks about 16 lessons learned in 2013.

in the second half of 2013, Fab suffered a heavy blow. To a large extent, Goldberg’s blog post can be said to be a self deprecating confession".

Fab was once the darling of the media. However, in just a few months time, the flash purchase site from the valuation of $1 billion to raise more than $150 million of financing, down to take a series of layoffs. In this wave of layoffs, Fab lost more than half of the staff, and now the total number of employees left only about 300 people.

no matter what you think about Goldberg and his Fab down the road, this blog post is well written. He expressed regret for many things in the text, as follows:

– allows Fab to sell things that cannot be proud of its employees. He said that the company recently conducted an internal investigation and found that the value of $1 million in inventory so that employees can not be proud of the sale of these goods.

– too many people in the European market, and the speed is too fast, the final result is forced to take measures to reduce staff, so that more than 100 employees affected. Another result is that, according to the European science and technology blog Tech.eu recently reported that Fab will stop selling almost all goods in the European market, except its own custom furniture.

– "we should have focused our attention on making each day better than the day before, but at this time it began to dream of making a lot of money."

– public discussion of revenue expectations.

– making public statements too often. "No matter what you think, there’s not a lot of consumers who want to know the CEO of the company they interact with. What they want to know is not you, but your product."

ironically, Goldberg’s "confession" is actually a "public opinion"". Here are 16 lessons that Goldberg mentioned in his blog:

1 start.

2 take control of your own destiny cash is king.

3 do not let people, but to challenge and delegate.

4 is the CEO of the company, all the mistakes are your fault, because you set the tone for the whole company.

5 never forget your core

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