Making money online is more important than technology

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network technology expert, but success is not a lot of rich technology. It is not the people who understand technology, successful case sensitive thinking and strategizing too numerous to mention the Czech republic. Li Xingping, Ma Huateng, and so do not understand the technology, the success of the cause, had to remind us to think.

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technology takes a very long time, but we only need to spend a little money, you can use other people’s technology, this is a win-win situation, each one takes what he needs. But for those of us to only know fur, not entirely good people, we want to use the role is to spend a little money to the organic technology.

and we need to be able to use these techniques to be useful, we must be able to judge, what is the use of this technology for me? How much money can I make?. To do this, the level of their own thinking to improve. If you can not keep up with the thinking of other people’s technology in your eyes is likely to become garbage, some people use, get rich, and you know, but you do not find business opportunities, opportunities do not belong to you. If you use it, you may be rich.

so kiss Xingmin make Wangzhuan is to pay attention to the comprehensive quality, a person with high IQ, but early study technology, the latter is not to get the. Because some people understand technology, just need to spend money to get people to finish it.

kiss Xingmin for example: a lot of people will be graphic design, but I only know a little fur, have not had time to study. We need to do some timely picture, I also need to do their own? I think it is to make an unnecessary move, because no matter how I study, I do it is not professional, to help experts made out of figure is on the level. Therefore, every time you need a map, direct contact expert kiss xingmin.

if I want to decorate a Taobao shop, I follow the Taobao University tutorial to operate, I think it can be a good decoration. However, a lot of ready-made network of professional decoration shop, why don’t I spend a little money to pick one for my decoration. Others may not be able to fix the day, and I may be a week.

if I want to specialize in technical work or specialize in Taobao shop decoration, I have to take the time to learn. If I just use it, I don’t have to learn everything. I think in place, can effectively seize every opportunity around, you can do their own industry. I can still make money, maybe a lot of money.

this is a personal point of view, welcome criticism, welcome to reprint, interested in reprint, please indicate the articles from thank you kiss xingmin.

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