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and Baidu counterparts, this is what I have just come from the insights of life. Please read the following summary I read today:

The steps of

Baidu talent growth mechanism: horse racing, planning, development, growth and well deserved horses.

horse racing means that every employee in the Baidu Inc can get a fair chance to show his ability, whether in the work or in the competition.

growth planning refers to the Baidu Inc to provide management and professional two-way career development path.

The development of

refers to the cultivation of talents with the characteristics of Baidu. Include: 1, small horse cart. Challenging the potential of a job. 2, chuanbangdai. 3, excellent talents to encourage each other. How far you can go depends on who you are with, and only with the best people can you become better. 4, internal drive. There are ideals, there are people who can go farther.

refers to the deserved affirmation and review of excellent talents.

refers to horses standard of talent development, test and evaluation of staff performance through multi angle feedback.

Vice president of Baidu

Lee human resources according to their own feelings, to the rapid growth of new Internet Cheats:

1 new

, do not say "not appropriate". The first half of the study period, the results are generally in the first half of the year after the start, two years later to consider whether they are suitable for this post environment.

2, determine the level of career development of the four elements: the degree of decision, the degree of contribution, differences, find your supporters in the company.

3, the small horse carts: people are forced out, you do not know that they have so good.

4, always at the age of 25: always keep learning at the age of 25, curiosity and passion for work, especially in the field of rapid development of the internet.

above the content of how far you can go depends on who peers, only with the excellent people together, you will become better." Is my perception and Baidu counterparts, the source of reading.

Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, is a world-class IT company. Do the Internet (including SEO) industry people can go with Baidu, no doubt will make themselves outstanding.

, however, how can we go with Baidu in theory is nothing more than a view to understand Baidu, in-depth thinking, communicate with Baidu these three elements. In the specific implementation of these three elements, it is necessary to analyze specific issues, treat, explore and sum up experience, learn from the experience of others.


, the staff engaged in different search engine optimization, we can also be broken down or summed up on the "peer" and Baidu, for example, devoted to the study of Google SEO can be subdivided.

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