The search engine is the higher the good teachers and helpful friends

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search engine is our best teacher. When I just contact Wangzhuan, a senior on my advice: do not understand the problems encountered to remember to Baidu, Google for help. In fact, love search, good at analyzing the results of the search, we can learn a lot of things.

a, we can solve all kinds of problems, difficulties and doubts

almost all problems, you can find the answer in the search engine. Because of the problems you have encountered, many people have met before. If you think about it, I’m afraid you won’t understand it for a few days. But a search, it may be a few minutes to solve the problem. For example, when I use the CMS template when the station in the dream, I want to dream template URL short, but in the background shetenglebantian did not succeed. I will go in the search engine, has found that master a detailed explanation on this issue, I in accordance with the above method gander, immediately solve smoothly. At that time, I found that I thought it was difficult, in fact, is so simple. I dislike that does not encounter any problems through their own efforts to solve and thinking to find someone else to love the questioner, because the search engine is a free teacher, why not? This is simply lazy, this kind of people are destined to make money on the internet.

two, you can learn to optimize the design of the page, layout and content

when you open the search results page, first of all to see if this page is worth learning from, the content of the site and the location of what is worthy of our learning. When you find a good article, be sure to find out who is the real author, you may not like the previous network advertising. But from now on. When you make up your mind to become an online money making family, you have to change your previous practice. Meet the ad and analyze the ads, imitate or create new ideas, so that you can move forward step by step.

three, you can analyze the profitability and profitability of the site

first look at the search in the right side of the bidding advertising (Google) as an example. Since the other side to buy the bidding advertising, prove its project can be profitable, and do the bidding advertising is the second stage belongs to wangzhuan. When we find a good advertising project, we can operate on their own, copy the successful experience of others.

four, you can get to know more experts exchange

to contact the webmaster and add it as QQ and webmasters become good friends, because his words can be routed to the first, his income is very high, at the same time to see the station’s ALEXA value, look at the daily flow of the station is much.

love the search, good search, it is the core of good learning, good observation, do a heart, do a careful person. Only in this way can we grasp the opportunity to succeed.

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